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Top 14 Facebook Cover Book Quotes

#1. I became a mom at 37 and having a child has been an emancipation for me.

Tori Amos

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#2. Did you feel guilty cursing God
you, of all people?'
No,' he said. 'Because even in doing so, I was recognizing there was a greater power than me.'
He paused.
And that is how I began to heal.

Mitch Albom

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#3. Critics build nothing

Robert Moses

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#4. It would be real nice to have some kind of bell or whistle attached to this film - it would give it a longer life. People seem to need that validation to go to a film these days.

David Strathairn

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#5. Before I read the script [The Following], I saw the schedule, and imagine how confusing that was. I thought it was intriguing. I'm an actress. Even if it's, by proxy, all about me, I'm all for it. It was all about me, but I didn't have to show up, so it was great.

Natalie Zea

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#6. Men turn to formal wear when they want a new job or when they think their current one is in danger. They try to present themselves as powerful and successful.

Peter York

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#7. Libya was a terrible mistake. You know, frankly, that's something that people ought to be thinking about in regard to Hillary [Clinton]. You know, they talk about Benghazi, which is very legitimate. Of course it is. But we should never have deposed [Muamar] Gaddafi. That was a terrible mistake.

John Kasich

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#8. Shaggy existentialists in frayed sandals, dilettantes by the score, spies by the portfolio.

Jan Morris

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#9. No matter how I'm doing financially, the Depression has never disappeared from my consciousness. To this day, I hate waste. When neckties went from narrow to wide, I kept all my old ones until the style went back to narrow.

Lee Iacocca

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#10. It may be a mistake, that man, in a state of nature, is more disposed to cruelty than courtesy.

Mercy Otis Warren

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#11. The purpose of art actually is, in many cases, to make you feel quite uncomfortable. Or at least to go to that place that's already of discomfort inside of you and tap into that.

Michael Moore

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#12. Leave me now as one leaves a corpse ... with regret, and memories, but without a second look.

John Speed

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#13. What could a child know of the darkness of God's plan? Or how flesh is so frail it is hardly more than a dream

Cormac McCarthy

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#14. I want people to have a good time. It's boring only to hear singer/songwriters spilling their guts.

Lykke Li

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