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#1. Everything opens a new door, a book opens a new door, facts open a new door. So choose your favourite thing and I promise it will open a door.

Deyth Banger

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#2. If you are trying to be creative with a hiring manager, prospect or recruiter and you fall, they will never help you up.

Paul Babicki

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#3. Etiquette enables you to resolve conflict without just trading insults. Without etiquette, the irritations in modern life are so abrasive that you see people turning to the law to regulate everyday behavior. This frightens me; it's a major inroad on our basic freedoms.

Judith Martin

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#4. In the morning, her head swimming with chiaroscuro dreams of shadows and light, she awoke in the pink room of the MacLeod House. Jason was already dressed, and stared at her from the foot of

Robert Levy

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#5. I've been making movies for a long time. The Japanese way of making movies has become second nature to me. To get away from that, I really try to surround myself with younger staff and approach making movies not like a veteran of the industry but always as a beginner and a rookie.

Takashi Miike

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#6. I was afraid that a bee had flown into my pants, and I thought the bee was going to sting me, and so i yelled out in terror.

Ezra Fitz

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