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#1. Really there was no deadlier combination than bookworm and megalomaniac. It was, for example, the crazed condition of many novelists and travelers. - Author: Paul Theroux
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#2. But if I were to say who influenced me most, then I'd say Franz Kafka. And his works were always anchored in the Central European region. - Author: Vaclav Havel
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#3. Liveability means being able to take your kids to school, go to work, see a doctor, drop by the grocery or Post Office, go out to dinner and a movie, and play with your kids at the park - all without having to get in your car. - Author: Ray LaHood
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#4. The director of 500 Days of Summer is doing the Spider-Man movie. That's not necessarily the movies I want to make, but it's all about the story, and if you connect to the story, and you feel you can tell that story better than anyone else, then great. Jon Favreau killed Iron Man, I loved it. - Author: Katie Aselton
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#5. You held on to him In that forsaken bed He's distant, cold - Nothing else could be said. - Author: Dawn Lanuza
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#6. President Obama and Secretary Duncan have made stronger teacher evaluation a key part of their education reform efforts. Under their signature plan, called 'Race to the Top,' states can win federal support for schools by improving teacher evaluations. - Author: Juan Williams
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#7. Every door is another passage, another boundary we have to go beyond. - Author: Rumi
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#8. Ben walks in the room and asks, "What were you guys doing?" Nikki says "Nothing" at the same time I say, "Your sister and I were just makin' out. - Author: Simone Elkeles
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#9. My therapy has come from paying attention to my life. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#10. Common sense tells us that the world is flat, that the sun goes around the earth, that heavy bodies always fall faster than light bodies, that boats made of iron will sink. - Author: Stuart Chase
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#11. I said (to Daniel Jones), 'You realise I'm always going to be The Guy From Savage Garden'. He said, 'How do you think I feel? I'm The Other One From Savage Garden!' - Author: Darren Hayes
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#12. People in LA seem to have no concept of the time outside of their city. I've been trained for thirty years in the film industry of having whether its agents, lawyers, actors, or whoever calling up all night. - Author: Matthew Vaughn
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