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Top 15 Excellent Work Ethic Quotes

#1. It is enough. This is the right place." Brigham Young uttered those words when his wagon reached the mouth of Emigration Canyon and he gazed out at this valley. - Author: Andrew Hunt
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#2. AARP is a large and powerful organization, similar to the Mafia but more concerned about dietary fiber. - Author: Dave Barry
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#3. If you're embarrassed because you have some notion about how men are supposed to behave, and it doesn't include weeping, then you have some personal work to do. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#4. There is no reconciliation until you recognize the dignity of the other, until you see their view- you have to enter into the pain of the people. You've got to feel their need. - Author: John M. Perkins
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#5. There are so few who 'walk the talk'..
No wonder the World is plagued with 'Talk Obesity' and 'Walk Anorexia'..
Walk the Talk Amnesia? - Author: Abha Maryada Banerjee
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#6. I want the reader to feel something is astonishing. Not the 'what happens,' but the way everything happens. These long short story fictions do that best, for me. - Author: Alice Munro
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#7. Treat each guitar track-and each song-completely different. For example, if I'm using a certain amp and guitar on one track, I'll deliberately use something else for the next tune or overdub. - Author: Keith Richards
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#8. The soul's dark cottage, batter'd and decay'd,
Lets in new light through chinks that Time has made. - Author: Edmund Waller
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#9. This was his world, he said to himself, the sad, oppressive world that God had provided for him, and he was responsible to it. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#10. Government restrictions are attractive to people who want to impose their pet notions without having to count the costs. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#11. My favorite place in the world is the Harry Potter tour near London. - Author: Jessica Williams
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#12. To continue down the path of comprehensiveness, Wikipedia will need to sustain the astonishing mass fervor of its birth years. Will that be possible? No one knows. - Author: James Gleick
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#13. While we must always strive to grow beyond those who come before us, we must revere and learn from those that broke the ground originally, endeavor to honor their legacy, and then continue in our own vision. - Author: Alexandra Silber
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#14. And whenever you encounter a problem, no matter how insurmountable it might seem, there is one simple response that should be ingrained in your behavior: Never give up. - Author: Stedman Graham
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#15. Index funds do not trade from security to security and, thus, they tend to avoid capital gains taxes. - Author: Burton Malkiel
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