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#1. Because I am fully aware of what the word "fat" means - what it really means, when you say it, or think it. It's not just a simple, descriptive word like "brunette" or "34." It's a swear word. It's a weapon. It's a sociological subspecies. It's an accusation, dismissal, and rejection. - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#2. Peter was struck by the scar's essential nature: it was not a disfigurement, it was a miracle. All the scars ever suffered by anyone in the whole of human history were not suffering but triumph: triumph against decay, triumph against death. - Author: Michel Faber
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#3. Woman is the crown of all creation, but Man is the head who wears it, and even the servant is master in his house. - Author: Franz Grillparzer
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#4. Each family functions in their own way, by rules reinvented daily. The strangeness of each of us is somehow accommodated so that there can be such a thing as family and we can all live for some time at least in the same house. Normal is what you know. - Author: Niall Williams
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#5. We are all one Energy Stream, but what makes the separations or distinguishes the differences is perspective. You are a unique and individual perspective. - Author: Esther Hicks
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#6. Whoever has witnessed another's ideal becomes his inexorable judge and as it were his evil conscience. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#7. YOU have to feel happy with who YOU are, not with who other people see you to be. - Author: Joanna Jackson
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#8. I like hurting little things that can't fight back - Author: Mary Bell
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#9. I think you become more relatable when you're vulnerable. - Author: Katy Perry
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