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#1. I brought you here to tell you this: sometimes what we are searching for does not exist. We may sacrifice for it, even bleed for it, but it was never meant to be ours. - Author: Esther Dalseno
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#2. Directing is a lot of fun, but you have to be on your toes every minute. If you zone out for even a second, you'll miss something and things will get screwed up. And here's a little secret that I'm going to let out of the bag: That is not the case with acting. - Author: Misha Collins
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#3. There you have it: our lives in a nutshell. Emphasis on nut.
But if the above whipped your mind into a frenzy, here's something even more interesting: Fang started a blog. Not that he's self-absorbed or trendy or anything. Nope, not him. - Author: James Patterson
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#4. I'm going because my life was crap until I met you. I'm going because I don't want to be here when you're not, still living with my mum and nothing being any different. I wouldn't even be thinking about going if it hadn't been for you. - Author: Jenny Downham
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#5. Jesus Christ-"
"Is Not here right now," the man in black replied,"and even if he were, he could not save you. - Author: Brian Keene
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#6. Yeah, I'm just here for - I stop for a second, because I'm not sure how to finish the line out loud. To see if I can ever be happy, or even remotely human, again. Would you happen to have the magic cure? - Author: Daisy Whitney
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#7. If there is an after, I hope it's not dark. And I hope you can remember. I'd hate to wander around in the dark forever, not knowing who I was or what I was doin' here, or not even knowing that I'd ever had anything different. - Author: Richard Bachman
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#8. It is here, it exists - but one must enter it naked and alone, with no rags from the falsehoods of centuries, with the purest clarity of mind - not an innocent heart, but that which is much rarer: an intransigent mind - as one's only possession and key. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#9. He held her face in his hands and his gaze warmed her sadness. "I don't care how you got here. I'm just happy you were born." He rubbed noses with hers. "Real happy. - Author: Selena Robins
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#10. In my tadpole stage I was delivered to Metron Ariston and transmogrified, and here am I. My name is Sporos, by the way, and I do not like your thinking names like mouse-creature and shrimp-thing at me. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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#11. Here in Barcelona, it's the architects who built the buildings that made the city iconic who are the objects of admiration - not a bunch of half-witted monarchs. - Author: Julie Burchill
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#12. But if you sit around thinking what to do and end up not doing anything, why bother even thinking about it? You're better off going out on the town and having a good time. No, we have to think and act. That's what we're doing here, and that's what you have to do. - Author: Elvia Alvarado
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#13. I never took my SAT's. I never applied to college. I moved right out here and jumped into the thick of things. Whether that was the smart move or not, I'm sitting here talking to you now, so it paid off. - Author: Scott Foley
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#14. Fun, fun, fun, got you, got you, and got you again! Here, you're dead, here, I broke your forepaw, here, your blood runs out! Got you, got you, got you! - Author: Robin Hobb
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#15. How can anybody say they know how I feel? The only one around here who is me, is ME. - Author: Morrissey
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#16. The aristocracy of Western Europe has absolutely tabooed silver in those countries and driven it away from there. Here it finds its only resting place. - Author: Richard Parks Bland
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#17. You get diarrhea out here, you dehydrate from the inside out - you leave the gene pool. - Author: Cody Lundin
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#18. The DREAM Act was intended to benefit illegal immigrants who were brought here as children, the most sympathetic subset among our large illegal immigrant population. - Author: Jan C. Ting
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#19. Girl: The kid buys a new tie and you curse him like he was Ramsay MacDonald. - Author: Vladimir Mayakovsky
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#20. We have a specific approach to computer support here. It's all very time sensitive and report driven. We want what we need when we need it but couldn't care less how that happens. - Author: Frederick Barrows
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#21. Today, if you're an American business, you actually get a benefit for going overseas. You get to defer your taxes. So if you're looking at a competitive world, you say to yourself, "Hey, I do better overseas than I do here in America." - Author: John F. Kerry
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#22. I believe you're speaking English, Turner, but I'm not sure you're doing a good job of it. It makes a girl wonder what you meant by, 'Here, let me take you to gaol.'" "I always mean precisely what I say, even if I don't say precisely what I - Author: Courtney Milan
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#23. I've decided that I'm not going anywhere. Sorry. What? I'm not going anywhere, he repeated. I don't know what you mean, Neil. I mean, he said, speaking more slowly, that I'm not. Going. Anywhere. Even if it takes years. I think I'll stay right here. Like ... here - Author: Amanda Palmer
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#24. What is a throne? - a bit of wood gilded and covered in velvet. I am the state - I alone am here the representative of the people. Even if I had done wrong you should not have reproached me in public - people wash their dirty linen at home. France has more need of me than I of France. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#25. I will leave you with one last piece of advice, which is: If you've got it, flaunt it. And if you don't got it? Flaunt it. 'Cause what are we even doing here if we're not flaunting it? - Author: Mindy Kaling
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#26. Don't despair, not even over the fact that you don't despair. Just when everything seems over with, new forces come marching up, and precisely that means that you are alive. And if they don't, then everything is over with here, once and for all. - Author: Franz Kafka
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#27. If you didn't think I knew what I know, why are you telling me what you think I didn't know but might have come here looking to find out?" Shelby paused. "I'm sorry. I'm not sure even I understand what I just said. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#28. 8A faint clap of thunder
Even if the rain comes not,
I will stay here, together with you - Author: Shinkai Makoto
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#29. He breathed out, not quite a laugh or a sob.
God, yes. Bianca, I love you so much. Even if I never see you again, even if we walk out of here into an ambush you set up with your parents,
I am always going to love you. - Author: Claudia Gray
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#30. How did you find me here?
If I was blind, I would see you.
Stay with me.
Forever. That's the whole point. I'll never leave. Not even if you kill me. - Author: Joss Whedon
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#31. Let us take refuge from this world. You can do this in spirit, even if you are kept here in the body. You can at the same time be here and present to the Lord. Your soul must hold fast to him, you must follow after him in your thoughts, you must tread his ways by faith, not in outward show. - Author: Saint Ambrose
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#32. Some people don't even realize they're bitter. If you don't know whether you are or not, here's a quick quiz you can give yourself. If you ever wake up in the morning and the first thing you say is "Oh, fuck, not again," you might be a little bitter. - Author: Marc Maron
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#33. I can't talk fellowship to you who are gathered here. Too much blood has been spilled. I know from my experience it is up to the working people to save themselves. The only way they can save themselves is by a strong working-class movement. - Author: Rose Schneiderman
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#34. If she's so important, why aren't you here guarding her? (Wulf) Mostly because this ain't Buffy and there's not one single Hellmouth to guard. I'm up to my armpits in Armageddon down here in New Orleans and not even I can physically be in two places at once. (Acheron) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#35. God is still here, God is still real, and God has not gone anywhere, even if you have. - Author: Kevin DeYoung
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#36. If you don't believe there's some organising principle, or somebody up in the sky pulling the strings, then it can be very stressful. And nature itself is very arbitrary - it's not malevolent or benevolent; it doesn't even know we're here. - Author: Michael Shannon
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#37. Here is a truth that most teachers will not tell you, even if they know it: Good training is a continual friend and a solace; it helps you now, and assures you of help in the future. Good education is a continual pain in the neck, and assures you always of more of the same. - Author: Richard Mitchell
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#38. Miniskirts have become quite a fad. They're even some guys wearing them. Don't laugh, if you had thought to of that, you'd not be here now. - Author: Bob Hope
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#39. I'm a cold-hearted bastard. I'm insular, I'm jaded, a workaholic, I'm ruthless and I'm self-serving. I don't do forever, I rarely even do "I'll call you tomorrow". And just because I'm here now it does not mean if you ask me to stay I will. - Author: Ally Blake
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#40. You will not address me as if I'm not even here - unless you want to join Lucius in the dungeons. And then we'll see how long you last without blood, because you are two hundred years older and nowhere near as strong as my husband. - Author: Beth Fantaskey
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#41. It should not be a surprise, even if it is not expected, if a shadow dances among the leaves, a face appears (or seems to), even a community of phantoms from the past. Here you will find answers, questions, and a host of stories. - Author: Mary Lois Timbes
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#42. For what purpose humanity is there should not even concern us: why you are here, that you should ask yourself: and if you have no ready answer, then set for yourself goals, high and noble goals, and perish in pursuit of them! - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#43. He was struck by the details of the moment. This was something he needed to remember, when he dreamt. This feeling right here: heart thudding, pollen sticky on his fingertips, July pricking sweat at his breastbone, the smell of gasoline and someone else's charcoal grill. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#44. Because you're here with me, Jack said. Any night that ends with that can't be that bad - Author: Amanda Hocking
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#45. The only wars here will be civil wars, and those are like killing your own mother. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#46. It was incredibly cheesy set with torches [TV's Survivor] - it looked like the lobby of the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. And here as some guy pulling names out of a coconut, and I said, 'This is the thing that has made American mass media stop in their tracks? - Author: Tom Hanks
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#47. The revolution was a gift from God to the Romanian people. The Romanian people must now repay this gift by opening their hearts to people of all faiths, especially to those who suffered here in the past. - Author: Robert D. Kaplan
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#48. What's truly important
and what I find myself forgetting and having to relearn
is that right here, right now, I am free. Free to be myself and to express myself. - Author: Kat Von D.
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#49. Nations could not return to their settled an independent life again without noticing that they had unconsciously adopted, and come to feel here and there previously unrecognized spiritual and intellectual needs. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#50. Politics is theater. It doesn't matter if you win. You make a statement. You say, I'm here, pay attention to me - Author: Harvey Milk
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#51. Nineteen eighty is almost here, thank God. the hippies are getting old, they blew their brains on acid and now they're begging on street corners all over San Francisco. Their hair is tangled and their bare feet are thick and gray as shoes. We're sick of them. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#52. I feel lost in it. Lost in him. Too him. Consumed and totally intoxicated. I feel reckless. Heedless. Like I could do anything ... want to do anything, with him, right here and now. - Author: Samantha Towle
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#53. In my view, the greatest threat to America's future isn't hiding in a cave in Pakistan or Afghanistan; it's right here at home. Baby boomers like myself are on course to become the first generation of Americans who leave things in worse shape than they found them. - Author: David Walker
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#54. neck and collarbone and took a picture. Kiss me here. #atnight She pressed upload and then put the phone in her bag, walked out into the street and flagged a taxi. - Author: Kate Forster
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#55. Fall in love with me, Gary! She thought. Please. Please sit here holding me and think there's nowhere on earth I'd rather be than here, and no girl I'd rather have in my lap than Beth Rose Chapman! - Author: Caroline B. Cooney
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#56. Sheesh, I'm surprised you've survived out here this long. Tell me, are you normal for a warrior or are you like a special day-release case or something?" "What? - Author: Mina Carter
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#58. Here everything is so wholly what I consider beautiful. In other words, there is peace here. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
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#59. Let me out," Harry said again.
"No," Dumbledore repeated.
"If you don't - if you keep me in here - if you don't let me-"
"By all means continue destroying my possessions," said Dumbledore. "I daresay I have too many. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#60. Where the vast cloudless sky was broken by one crow I sat upon a hill - all alone - long ago; But I never felt so lonely and so out of God's way, As here, where I brush elbows with a thousand every day. - Author: Harry Kemp
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#61. What I don't like is when I see stuff that I know has had a lot of improv done or is playing around where there's no purpose to the scene other than to just be funny. What you don't want is funny scene, funny scene, funny scene, and now here's the epiphany scene and then the movie's over. - Author: Paul Feig
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#62. I would not be standing here today if my skin were white or my religion were Presbyterian. I am here today only because my skin is yellow and my religion is Unification Church. The ugliest things in this beautiful country of America are religious bigotry and racism. - Author: Sun Myung Moon
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#63. Utopia is in the moment. Not in some future time, some other place, but in the here and now, or else it is nowhere. - Author: Alfred Stieglitz
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#64. I'm not leaving New York. And neither is anyone else. We're here. We are quintessential Americans - we're not only American, but New York-American. - Author: Lou Reed
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#65. I fear no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true) and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you here is the deepest secret nobody knows - Author: E. E. Cummings
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#66. Captain Phasma. Remember me?" He moved his weapon slightly. "Here's my blaster, ya still wanna inspect it?" Phasma held on to her dignity. "Yes, I remember you. FN-2187." Finn shook his head curtly. "Not anymore. My name is Finn. A real name for a real person. And I'm in charge now. - Author: Alan Dean Foster
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#67. You need to be outdoors. Away from here. You need a holiday. - Author: Fennel Hudson
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#68. I really hated school and so I just wanted to stay home and watch 'I Love Lucy' and watch the movies that inspired me to the point where we are sitting here. - Author: Justin Long
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#69. I feel like I have to do the best job I can to basically say, "OK, I understand - you have every right to be angry, but anger is not a plan. Here's what I want to do, and that's why I hope you will support me, because I think it will actually improve the lives of Americans." - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#70. We're saying the story doesn't end here, that the air in your lungs is there for a reason. - Author: Jamie Tworkowski
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#71. But maybe those things are like background noise if you're from here. Maybe you have to experience this as a whole new place to appreciate it like I do. - Author: Susane Colasanti
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#72. Back home everyone said I didn't have any talent. They might be saying the same thing here but it sounds better in French. - Author: Alan Jay Lerner
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#73. If you ask any lady they want to be taller, they want to be slimmer, you know, and they want a waist. I'm not here to make people look like a sack of potatoes. - Author: Alexander McQueen
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#74. There's this perception sometimes around here that I'm this Hollywood guy. - Author: Harry Anderson
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#75. It sounds old-fashioned to say, but we have some kind of purpose for being here, not poets or writers, but all of us humans. - Author: Pattiann Rogers
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#76. The last time anyone did anything wrong in this town, Hades's men found those responsible and dragged them back here in chains. You would have to be insane to actively want to piss that man off." "Insane or very sure of yourself," I said. - Author: Steve McHugh
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#77. The whole of science, and one is tempted to think the whole of the life of any thinking man, is trying to come to terms with the relationship between yourself and the natural world. Why are you here, and how do you fit in, and what's it all about. - Author: David Attenborough
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#78. Now for the hitch in Jane's character,' he said at last, speaking more calmly than from his look I had expected him to speak. 'The reel of silk has run smoothly enough so far; but I always knew there would come a knot and a puzzle: here it is. Now for vexation, and exasperation, and endless trouble! - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#79. Here's how it is: I feel guilty about every single bite of food that goes into my mouth. - Author: Marian Keyes
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#80. She wondered briefly if perhaps she could leave her broken heart here in the cemetery and just take the rest of her home. - Author: Jen Meyers
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#81. Maya, having recently made her way through The Lord of the Rings trilogy, names it Bag End. "Because it looks as if a hobbit might live here." A.J. kisses his daughter on the forehead. He is delighted to have produced such a fantastic nerd. - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
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#82. I think there's a little bit of sizzling here. Honestly, I can feel it. The ions are flying back and forth. - Author: Regis Philbin
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#83. I am decidedly of the opinion that in very many instances we can trace such a necessary connexion, especially among birds, and often with more complete success than in the case which I have here attempted to explain. - Author: Alfred Russel Wallace
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#84. I prefer not to wink out from behind the character as myself, saying to the audience, "It's just me here, right, guys?" Peter Sellers is my model, and he didn't do that - he wore his character from head to toe. - Author: Andy Daly
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