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#1. My opponent Senator Menendez and his colleagues are pursuing what I consider a Jon Corzine economic policy. Higher taxes, more spending, more debt. - Author: Joseph M. Kyrillos
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#2. By thus rending the veil of monotony and showing that everything is in constant need of and obedient to His Lordship, He dispels heedlessness and turns humanity and jinn from (natural) causes to Himself as the Creator of causes. This basic principle is evident in the Qur'anic explanations. - Author: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi
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#3. Where destruction is the motive, unity is dangerous. For example, if I have evil intent and I galvanize that evil intent with many others, the capacity to destroy is immense. Where goodness is the motive, unity is phenomenal and actually has some good issues to it. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#4. Well, I like to know where I'm going before I try to get there. It's a mistake to try to execute a plan before you've thought of one, in my experience. - Author: Max Barry
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#5. But you also pay a high price when you order people to do things that they can't do - especially people with a strong sense of self, people with rebel personalities. - Author: Matthew Quick
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#6. I try to be eclectic in my choice of films. If I've done anything that's intentional in my career, it's to try to do as many different types of characters and as many different types of genres of movies that I can. - Author: Dennis Quaid
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#7. So 'The Last Airbender' 's philosophy and culture feels like a beautiful idea to me: That we inherently have connections to the elements and what they teach us, and to each other. - Author: M. Night Shyamalan
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#8. Do you expect to suffer long nights of languishing and days of pain? O be not sad! That bed may become a throne to you. You little know how every pang that shoots through your body may be a refining fire to consume your dross
a beam of glory to light up the secret parts of your soul. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#9. I laughed as we turned in a tight circle ... "Tonight you're all mine."
Jake smiled but looked me dead in the eye. "No. From now on."
My heart skipped. "What?"
"Yours," he said simply, "from now on. - Author: Kieran Scott
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#10. Finally, on a windswept, befogged afternoon, the sort in which all of Delhi is wearing a sweater of atmospheric dirt, he went over with the driver to see the Khuranas. - Author: Karan Mahajan
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