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Top 13 Ethel Kennedy Quotes

#1. Think the unthinkable,
Imagine the impossible
Pursue the imaginations limits. - Author: Allan Weisbecker
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#2. If you see something wrong, if you speak out ... you can change it. - Author: Ethel Kennedy
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#3. She had not thought it would be so easy to slip into the old roles. Cambridge had changed her fundamentally and she thought she was immune. No one in her family, however, noticed the transformation in her, and she was not able to resist the power of their habitual expectations. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#4. For anyone to achieve something, he will have to show a little courage. You're only on this earth once. You must give it all you've got. - Author: Ethel Kennedy
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#5. So have your wits about you, and do what you can and dig in, because it might not last. - Author: Ethel Kennedy
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#6. Normally, the more talent one has, the more one doubts it. And vice versa. - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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#7. When you walk on the face of a world, then forgiveness comes. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#8. When we lost Bobby, I would wake up in the morning and think, 'He's OK. He's in Heaven, and he's with Jack and a lot of my brothers and sisters and my parents.' So it made it very easy to get through the day thinking he was OK. - Author: Ethel Kennedy
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#9. The dirty secret of art is you don't have to show people your bad writing. That's what we have the delete key for. - Author: Robert McKee
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#10. Introspection! I hate it! - Author: Ethel Kennedy
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#11. Life shouldn't be about the either/or. We're capable of more than that, you know? - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#12. The Kennedys were very organized. Dinner was always served at 7:15, and if you were a minute late, it really wasn't worth it. In my family, you never knew when dinner was going to be. It could be at 7, or it could be at 10. - Author: Ethel Kennedy
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#13. My dream dinner party guests would be Ethel Kennedy, Truman Capote and Hunter S. Thompson. - Author: Dylan Penn
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