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Top 5 Espacioso In English Quotes

#1. This is the problem with having a barrier between you and everyone else - you see it, but they don't. They talk to you, but you can't talk back to them. - Author: David Levithan
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#2. Hell is an outrage on humanity. When you tell me that your deity made you in his image, I reply that he must have been very ugly. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#3. Bin Nassib came last night and visited me before going home to his own house; a tall, brown, polite Arab. He says that he lately received a packet for Mr. Stanley from the American Consul, sealed in tin, and sent it back: this is the eleventh that came to Stanley. A - Author: David Livingstone
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#4. It has been argued that dinosaurs did not die out, but just evolved wings and flew away. At a certain level, this reasoning is sound ... Birds, as a group, did descend from dinosaurs and ... all 8,600 species of birds living today carry some inheritance from their reptilian ancestors. - Author: David M. Raup
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#5. A man who waits to believe in action before acting is anything you like, but he's not a man of action. You must act as you breathe. - Author: Georges Clemenceau
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