Top 8 Eric Dollard Quotes

#1. The Bf 109 is, without doubt, the most satisfying and challenging aircraft that I have ever flown.

Mark Hanna

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#2. The No. 1 thing I am earnestly attracted to is intelligence.

Rachel Bloom

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#3. I am doubtful of any talent, so whatever I choose to be, will be accomplished only by long study and work

Jackson Pollock

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#4. Some artists are told what to like and told definitions of what the music business is. That's a problem. Music is artistry, and you want your music heard, your act known. But artists don't know. They are ignorant the minute they sign a contract.

Chuck D

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#5. Sometimes, if you think you're sick, you will be.

Abraham Verghese

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#6. Angel was the first Irish feature film. Neil's first movie and my first movie.

Stephen Rea

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#7. It is an error to suppose that courage means courage in everything.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

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#8. Most important pursuit in history: the search for meaning.

John Green

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