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#1. Temujin snorted. Never lose faith in me, little brother. My word is iron and I will always come home. - Author: Conn Iggulden
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#2. just wanted to get him out of the house and thinking about something else." I - Author: Jojo Moyes
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#3. She was strange and beautiful and those were human qualities that I had never seen Weaved together before. She became terrifying to me, not because I feared who she was, but for the sake of love, I feared what she could do to me. - Author: Christopher Poindexter
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#4. My childhood was great, my family was great. I wasn't in a mansion, but we made it work. - Author: Rita Ora
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#5. I've always been really internally focused. I tend to focus on hiring - ensuring that every person we hire is both a really good fit and really good - and also that everything we put out to our users is very high-quality. - Author: Arash Ferdowsi
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#6. Honey, Kate is not going to die sooner because you have one more glass of mine, or because you stay overnight in a hotel, or because you let yourself crack up at a bad joke. So sit your ass back down and turn up the volume and act like you're a normal person. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#7. No woman can be gotten with child without some knowledg, consent and delight in the acting thereof." Charles J. Hoadly, ed., Records of the Colony or Jurisdiction of New Haven, From May, 1653, to the Union (Hartford: Case, Lockwood, 1858), 123; - Author: Jill Lepore
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#8. Prussians were singularly well prepared in other areas as well. They invented the "dog tag" in 1870: an oval disc worn by every soldier bearing his name, regiment, and place of residence. - Author: Geoffrey Wawro
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#9. They that do much themselves deny,
Receive more blessings from the sky. - Author: Thomas Creech
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#10. I believe in the law of attraction ... I believe you can speak things into existence. When you know where you're going and you know what you want, the universe has a way of stepping aside for you. - Author: Jon Jones
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#11. The universe is nothing without the things that live in it, and everything that lives, eats. - Author: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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#12. When we give ourselves over completely to the spirit of the dance, it becomes a prayer - Author: Gabrielle Roth
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#13. And I must be nineteen by now, lord! Maybe even twenty?" "Eighteen?" I suggested. "I could have been married four years ago, lord!" We - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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