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#1. I think we have some special talents. That being said, I think it's dangerous to rely on special talents - it's better to own lots of monopolistic businesses with unregulated prices. But that's not the world today. We have made money exercising our talents and will continue to do so. - Author: Charlie Munger
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#2. The sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature, usually crushed to earth by the cold facts and dry criticisms of the sober hour. - Author: William James
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#3. But square-cut or pear-shaped, These rocks don't lose their shape. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. - Author: Marilyn Monroe
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#4. Thus her reply with accent sweet renewd. If this be our condition, thus to dwell In narrow circuit strait'nd by a Foe, Suttle or violent, we not endu'd Single with like defence, wherever met, How are we happie, still in fear of harm? - Author: John Milton
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#5. You're not perfect, but you're not your mistakes. - Author: Kanye West
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#6. This feather stirs; she lives! if it be so, it is a chance which does redeem all sorrows that ever I have felt. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#7. Father, we thank you, especially for letting me fly this flight - for the privilege of being able to be in this position, to be in this wondrous place, seeing all these many startling, wonderful things that you have created. - Author: Gordon Cooper
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#8. How many people can pick up a book and find an instruction manual for their life? - Author: Michael Lewis
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#9. Desponding Phyllis was endu'd
With ev'ry Talent of a Prude,
She trembled when a Man drew near;
Salute her, and she turn'd her Ear:
If o'er against her you were plac'd
She durst not look above your Waist - Author: Jonathan Swift
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#10. Suddenly it was if she was merely a brain, being transported inside the skull of some hideous fleshy machine, a piece of living cargo in someone else's body. - Author: Chris Wooding
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#11. He that will live in this World, must be endu'd with the three rare Qualities of Dissimulation, Equivocation, and mental Reservation. - Author: Aphra Behn
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#12. There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. - Author: Charles Morgan
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#13. You can choose daily to brace up and face the harsh realities of life . . .
Or while away the days that come by daydreaming . . .
Better still, you can make your dreams your realities. - Author: Ufuoma Apoki
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#14. Perhaps being named "black" was just someone's name for being at the bottom, a human turned to object, object turned to pariah. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
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