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#1. As much as the Pulitzer is the hallmark of journalism, I think what I love the most is when somebody says they took my column and it's in their wallet. I have had people open their wallet and show me a corner of a column. - Author: Regina Brett
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#2. At age ten I switched to guitar, and I've loved the instrument ever since. And I love to practice. I just do. I just love guitar. It still brings a smile to my face! - Author: Michael Angelo Batio
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#3. I was very afraid to write a novel - it was a dream for a very long time, and it was one of the few things that I was afraid to try. - Author: Melissa Marr
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#4. Baba dropped the stack of food stamps on her desk. "Thank you but I don't want," Baba said. "I work always. In Afghanistan I work, in America I work. Thank you very much, Mrs. Dobbins, but I don't like it free money." ... Baba walked out of the welfare office like a man cured of a tumor. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#5. I'm a true native of the Bay Area. - Author: Jon Huntsman Jr.
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#6. Empty space eventually fills up with something. A void, cultivated in the aftermath of misfortune, begins to attract the wrong kind of attention. Marco knew it was time to leave when disagreeable spirits started roaming freely through the house, as if they owned the place. - Author: Rahma Krambo
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#7. We are not inviting - we are guarded. Most of our energy is spent trying to hide our true selves, and control our worlds to have some sense of security. - Author: John Eldredge
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#8. If I had my life to live over, I would want to be a man. - Author: Little Richard
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#9. They are scared that the BBC or CNN may call them radicals, so they remain soft instead. The problem lies there, with the Muslim leaders, not the Muslim masses. - Author: Abu Bakar Bashir
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#10. The willingness to not bypass illusion is very important. We come to nirvana by way of samsara. We come to see the true nature of things by seeing through the illusory nature of things. We don't come to nirvana by avoiding samsara. We don't come to clarity by avoiding confusion. - Author: Adyashanti
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#11. The church is never a place to show off. Do your good deeds quietly. Serve; don't seek to be seen - Author: Max Lucado
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