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#1. There are more things likely to frighten us than there are to crush us; we suffer more in our imagination than in reality. - Author: Seneca.
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#2. He did it because he could not help himself, which explains everything and nothing - Author: Johnny Rich
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#3. Never think that you need to protect God. Because anytime you think you need to protect God, you can be sure that you are worshipping an idol. - Author: Stanley Hauerwas
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#4. Circuses are about entertainment and juggling and animals and all that shit. Sideshows are about freaks, about people and the limits of acceptability. We push those limits. If a circus is an escape, Fire said, a sideshow is a confrontation. - Author: Chris Abani
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#5. The Eurogroup decisions are always taken unanimously. - Author: Jose Manuel Barroso
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#6. Summer has always been my favorite season. I feel happier. - Author: Zooey Deschanel
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#7. But sometimes you don't say the word because you think a thing is ongoing when actually it is already over. The - Author: Rachel Joyce
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#8. I've been in the game long enough to know what elements you have to package together to get a movie into production. - Author: David Ayer
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#9. Someday every woman will have orgasms- like every family has color TV- and we can all get on with the business of life. - Author: Erica Jong
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#10. You're not Fallen are you?"
"From everything I've heard, that would just make me more sexy to you Daughters of Men. What is it that you all see in bad boys? - Author: Susan Ee
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#11. You're suspended sixty feet up in the air, you've been up there for three hours, and all the shot requires is that you have to sort of react to getting punched in the head. - Author: Alfred Molina
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#12. Grief is a powerful thing, and sometimes, if it's ignored, we can become lost in it. - Author: Emiko Jean
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#13. Feel the power of your legs, hear the orchestra playing, see the audience - anything to make the image more real. The image has to be specific. You can't just say to yourself, 'I'll do my best.' You have to have a mental blueprint of that role in your mind. - Author: Linda Hamilton
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