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Top 36 Election Result Quotes

#1. The country is stronger than the result of any one election. But we shouldn't forget that these are just ordinary people. I wish Americans would look at them level, not down or up - just level. It doesn't take some special dimension to be president. - Author: Jack Germond
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#2. The election result is not a victory that belongs to me or my party. - Author: Chen Shui-bian
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#3. Only a prisoner who has been confined for long behind high walk can appreciate the extraordinary psychological value of these outside walks and open views. - Author: Jawaharlal Nehru
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#4. Leadership can not be measured in a poll or even in the result of an election. It can only be truly seen with the benefit of time. From the perspective of 20 years, not 20 days. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#5. I think now we have a very unique opportunity, thanks to the election result, thanks to such a big vote for the Greens, to say you know what, we have to face it. Otherwise this generation will be robbing the next generation of their future, and that's immoral and unethical. - Author: Tim Costello
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#6. Feminism requires precisely what patriarchy destroys in women: unimpeachable bravery in confronting male power - Author: Andrea Dworkin
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#7. A guy named Adolf Hitler won an election in 1932 ... and 50 million people died as a result ... what I learned as a little kid is that politics is, in fact, very important. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#8. I like this world. I like drinking champagne. I like not smoking. I like Dutch people speaking Dutch. - Author: John Green
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#9. The rooms were very still while the pages were softly turned and the winter sunshine crept in to touch the bright heads and serious faces with a Christmas greeting. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#10. So now, when I look back, all I see is who we used to be and who we are now. And I wonder how anybody can recognize anyone at all. - Author: Susan Pogorzelski
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#11. America wasn't founded so that we could all be better. America was founded so we could all be anything we damned well pleased. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#12. I know nothing grander, better exercise, better digestion, more positive proof of the past, the triumphant result of faith in human kind, than a well-contested American national election. - Author: Walt Whitman
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#13. We sincerely ask the Beijing authorities across the Strait to view the election result from a positive perspective, to accept the democratic decision of the Taiwanese people. - Author: Chen Shui-bian
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#14. I understand very well that politicians always have to bridge the gap until the next election, even if long-term dangers increase as a result. But as an economist, my time horizon is longer. - Author: Hans-Werner Sinn
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#15. This election result has increased people's faith in democracy. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#16. We can't afford to be so worried about losing the next election that we lose the battles we owe to the next generation. The real gamble in this election is playing the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expecting a different result. And that's a risk we can't take. - Author: Barack Obama
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#17. As for performing live, I just never imagined how it would work out; for good reason, because it doesn't just work out - not the way you think it will. It's a chance that you take. - Author: Ariel Pink
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#18. In his natural perversion, a man wants to lie with a hooker, wed a virgin, and keep both. - Author: Ron Brackin
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#19. The election of Hoover ... should result in continued prosperity for 1929. - Author: Roger Babson
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#20. She presses her nose against mine, completely obscuring my view of the keyboard. I find myself staring into her large dark green eyes. Her irises are flecked with gold. I keep playing.
"Wrong note!" she cries, triumphant. - Author: Tabitha Suzuma
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#21. Introduction, the opportunity to write the book came while I was in law school, the result of my election as the first African-American president of the Harvard - Author: Barack Obama
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#22. I did not lose this election, or had a bad result compared with what we might have got because of Islam. - Author: Imran Khan
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#23. But I found my family. I found the right thing to do. I found the way home. - Author: Caroline B. Cooney
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#24. I'm also very much aware that it is you who brought democracy to Chile, you set up a constitution suitable for democracy, you put it into effect, elections were held, and then, in accordance with the result, you stepped down. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#25. Obviously, there's no possible rebuttal to a suggestion that an unknown variable is producing some result because the phrase itself is as unhelpful as a politician's election promise. - Author: Robert Lanza
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#26. The election of the Jewish people is the result of God's falling in love with Abraham and founding a family with him. - Author: Meir Soloveichik
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#27. I knew that my staying up would not change the election result if I were defeated, while if elected I had a hard day ahead of me. So I thought a night's rest was best in any event. - Author: Benjamin Harrison
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#28. During the Cold War, America undertook serious military cuts only once: after the election of Richard Nixon, during the Vietnam War. The result: Vietnam fell to the Communists, the Russians moved into Afghanistan, and American influence around the globe waned dramatically. - Author: Ben Shapiro
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#29. I believe the American people spoke loud and clear to the Bush Administration in yesterday's election that they disapprove of the current direction in the war in Iraq. As a result, the President wasted no time in dumping Secretary Rumsfeld. - Author: Jim Clyburn
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#30. Bill Clinton will be our country's next President. The election later this year is just a formality. The result has already been decided. - Author: James Morcan
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#31. In some countries that are darlings of the West, like Egypt, everyone knows the result of national elections years in advance: The man in power always wins. In others, like Saudi Arabia, the very idea of an election is unthinkable. - Author: Stephen Kinzer
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#32. All suicides have the responsibility of fighting against the temptation of suicide. Every one of them knows very well in some corner of his soul that suicide, though a way out, is rather a mean and shabby one, and that it is nobler and finer to be conquered by life than to fall by one's own hand. - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#33. Get a peek at what married life is like for Layken and Will in This Girl, the third book - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#34. The situation of having to belong to a state to which one does not wish is no less onerous if it is the result of an election than if one must endure it as the consequence of a military conquest. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
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#35. What I propose, therefore, is very simple: it is nothing more than to think what we are doing - Author: Hannah Arendt
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#36. I always believed that WikiLeaks as a concept would perform a global role, and to some degree it was clear that it was doing that as far back as 2007 when it changed the result of the Kenyan general election. - Author: Julian Assange
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