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#1. The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#2. As a whole, the managers today are different in temperament. Most have very good communication skills and are more understanding of the umpire's job. That doesn't mean they are better managers. It just means that I perceive today's managers a bit differently. - Author: Jim Evans
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#3. I learned at a young age what chasing flavors meant, and I've been doing that my whole life. - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
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#4. Flowers, leaves, fruit, are the air-woven children of light. - Author: Jacob Moleschott
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#5. Once you make a journey to a near impossible destination, you get to realize how everything and anything is possible - Author: Luthfy Es-Haq
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#6. Our people, our history, our struggle is more than a war, more than a fall, more than a favorite dish, more than one monolithic political opinion, more than one dialect, one gender, one nation, one flag. Respect and love to the diaspora - as imperfect as I am, I am one of you and I am yours. - Author: Bao Phi
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#7. All the unhurried day / Your mind lay open like a drawer of knives, - Author: Philip Larkin
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#8. you'll find the buildings taller, that
the halls are full of ghosts
but everything still here is
what you remember most - Author: Savannah Brown
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#9. She had always thought of love as something confused and furtive, and he made it as bright and open as the summer air. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#10. I think four Olympics is probably enough. Five Olympics is a long time, but there's nothing wrong with that if I'm into it and I'm healthy and my priorities can fit around that. - Author: Bode Miller
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#11. Regarding Her Majesty, Queen Levana, has she or any of the Lunar court commented on the escape of the convict?"
Kai's jaw tensed. "Oh, she's had a thing or two to say about it. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#12. With some notable exceptions, businessmen favor free enterprise in general but are opposed to it when it comes to themselves. - Author: Milton Friedman
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