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Top 11 Eileen Parra Quotes

#1. I start by using Chinese and many of the sounds of other languages are similar.

Andy Lau

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#2. As a single atom man is an enigma: as a whole he is a mathematical problem. As an individual he is a free agent, as a species the offspring of necessity.

William Winwood Reade

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#3. Foolishness is indeed painful, and verily so is youth, but more painful by far than either is being obliged in another person's house.


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#4. Develop confidence in your innate qualities and believe that these qualities will be brought to fruition.

Tenzin Palmo

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#5. Dress like Coco
Live like Jackie
Act like Audrey
Laugh Like Lucy


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#6. I think Africa will have a crisper impact on Europe, as it has traditionally, and then that will filter into the American cultural psyche, in the way that India has.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

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#7. It's been my experience that those with the toughest shells have the softest hearts

Richard Paul Evans

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#8. The matter with us is you.

Jeffrey Eugenides

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#9. You're not just getting old, you're getting closer to your death; and you don't want to miss anything.

J. Limbu

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#10. Liesel shrugged away entirely from the crowd and entered the tide of Jews, weaving through them till she grabbed hold of his arm with her left hand. His face fell on her. It reached down as she tripped, and the Jew,the nasty Jew, helped her up. It took all of his strength.

Markus Zusak

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#11. I don't want to be a strong hero who can save society. I just want to save myself.

Gao Xingjian

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