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#1. I got into moisturiser when I played football. If you're out in all weathers you have to take care of your face. - Author: Vinnie Jones
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#2. Certainly, the president is expected to safeguard the Constitution by vetoing unconstitutional acts of Congress. This is especially true because many laws can only be brought before the courts in a collateral way, if at all. - Author: Charles A. Beard
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#3. Probably the undertaker thinks less of death than almost any other man. He is so accustomed to it that his mind must involuntarily turn from its horror to a contemplation of how much he makes out of the burial. - Author: Clarence Darrow
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#4. A smooth life is not a victorious life. - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
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#5. There is a way that a younger person can accept the inevitable problem that they're going to die, whereas somebody a little bit older might be overcome. - Author: Gus Van Sant
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#6. I wonder, Flask, whether the world is anchored anywhere; if she is, she swings with an uncommon long cable, though. - Author: Herman Melville
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#7. I found a girl, fell in love, she had a baby, and i fell in love again. - Author: Johnny Depp
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#8. Vanilla and vanilla bean are two different flavors, and vanilla bean is a much more intense experience - Author: Leila Sales
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#9. Truly, it is a blessing and not a blasphemy when I teach that "above all things there stands the heaven of chance, the heaven of innocence, the heaven of accident, the heaven of wantonness". - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#10. I didn't have many friends; I was kind of bullied at school. - Author: Bojana Novakovic
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#11. His heart was a church of his own choosing,
and the lights came through
the colourful windows. - Author: Patrick DeWitt
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#12. Only [God] can convict nonbelievers of their sins; only He can convince them of the truth of the Gospel. - Author: Billy Graham
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#13. He who sees his own truths, cannot be decieted by another. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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