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#1. They [daisies] are my favorite flower. There is something innocent and vulnerable about them as if they thanked you for admiring them. - Author: Anne Sexton
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#2. The painter paints his brushes blackThrough the canvas runs a crackPortrait of the pain never answers back. - Author: Phil Ochs
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#3. So I turned these sort of deficiencies into a, a workable thing if you understand what I mean. - Author: Tony Hancock
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#4. Many adults that I have met in my time believed that picture books are 'babyish'. I hope I have changed minds on this, as I set out to do. - Author: Anthony Browne
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#5. For now, let's just say that if your API is re-defining the HTTP verbs or if it is assigning new meanings to HTTP status codes or making up its own status codes, it is not RESTful. - Author: George Reese
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#6. Oh, Len, isn't she a darling? Just because she saw how our Bandboxful of furniture would rattle about in that big house like a peanut in a cocoanut shell, to lend us all hers! She is a darling. - Author: E. Nesbit
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#7. In terms of why everything is different, each book is different than the one before because I'm so bored of what I just finished I want to work on something different. The next book becomes an antidote to what I did before. - Author: Colson Whitehead
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#8. The animals have no need for speech, why talk when you are a word. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#9. ...I asked a friend if he felt 'different' when he was the only uncircumcised man in the shower and he said,'Yes, gloriously different. - Author: Kristen O'Hara
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