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Top 26 Educative Quotes

#1. Rectitude carried to excess hardens into stiffness; benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness. - Author: Date Masamune
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#2. some twenty more miles on an old two-lane country road. Traffic was light, just a couple of pickups and a Volkswagen, - Author: Catherine Coulter
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#3. The belief that all genuine education comes about through experience does not mean that all experiences are genuinely or equally educative. - Author: John Dewey
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#4. Purposeful action is thus the goal of all that is truly educative. - Author: John Dewey
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#5. People can be committed to a mental institution only after judicial hearing, but people are committed to schools beyond the reach of Habeas Corpus. - Author: Martin Mayer
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#6. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7 - Author: Suzanne Crocker
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#7. The result of the educative process is capacity for further education. - Author: John Dewey
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#8. Some experiences are mis-educative. Any experience is mis-educative that has the effect of arresting or distorting the growth of further experience. - Author: John Dewey
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#9. Not only is social life identical with communication, but all communication (and hence all genuine social life) is educative. - Author: John Dewey
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#10. Since history has no properly scientific value, its only purpose is educative. And if historians neglect to educate the public, if they fail to interest it intelligently in the past, then all their historical learning is valueless except in so far as it educates themselves. - Author: G. M. Trevelyan
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#11. Well, there are certain pockets of improvement. The one that I think is most important is that state and local law enforcement levels have started to do a lot more educative efforts within their organizations to understand the kind of threat we're facing. They've given up on the federal level. - Author: Michael Scheuer
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#12. Education is one thing and instruction, however worthy, necessary and incidentally or monetarily educative, another. - Author: Kingsley Amis
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#13. The plays of children are nonsense, but very educative nonsense. So it is with the largest and solemnest things, with commerce, government, church, marriage, and so with the history of every man's bread, and the ways by which he is to come by it. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#14. Exercise of body and exercise of mind are supplementary, and both may be made recreative and educative. - Author: John Lancaster Spalding
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#15. Experiences in order to be educative must lead out into an expanding world of subject matter, a subject matter of facts or information and of ideas. This condition is satisfied only as the educator views teaching and learning as a continuous process of reconstruction of experience. - Author: John Dewey
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#16. Whining writers are a hideous sight; we should really shut up, because we are lucky if we can cobble together a living from all of this. - Author: Deborah Moggach
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#17. Debates educated a nation. That educative function had atrophied during decades of making decisions behind closed doors. - Author: Robert A. Caro
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#18. The educative value of manual activities and of laboratory exercises, as well as of play, depends upon the extent in which they aid in bringing about a sensing of the meaning of what is going on. In effect, if not in name, they are dramatizations. - Author: John Dewey
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#19. The chief end of science is to make things clear, the educative aim is to foster the inquisitive spirit. - Author: J. Arthur Thomson
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#20. Scouting is not an abstruse or difficult science: rather it is a jolly game if you take it in the right light. In the same time it is educative, and (like Mercy) it is apt to benefit him that giveth as well as him that receives. - Author: Robert Baden-Powell
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#21. To Aristotle or to Plato the State is, above all, a large and powerful educative agency which gives the individual increased opportunities of self-development and greater capacities for the enjoyment of life. - Author: Aristotle.
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#22. Loneliness is an integral part of travelling. I used to think it was the downside to travelling, but now I realise it is a necessary educative part of it to be embraced. - Author: David Mitchell
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#23. Burden thought irrelevantly that Wendy Williams must be attracted by bald men, first Rodney with his exaggerated forehead, naked as an apple, then this pebble-head. - Author: Ruth Rendell
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#24. The state is not only repressive; it is also educative - shaping common sense through ideological state apparatuses (such as the academy) that normalize the rule of settler colonialism. - Author: Audra Simpson
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#25. We do not believe in the educative power of words and commands alone, but seek cautiously, and almost without the child's knowing it, to guide his natural activity. - Author: Maria Montessori
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#26. Were all instructors to realize that the quality of mental process, not the production of correct answers, is the measure of educative growth something hardly less than a revolution in teaching would be worked. - Author: John Dewey
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