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#1. The government must rethink its strategy toward the Bedouin, or else those in the area who are armed will turn it into the war that Cairo seems to be pushing for. - Author: John R. Bradley
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#2. I can't think of a performer who is better on television than in person. - Author: Mark Russell
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#3. Planning on staying?"
"Just till you wise up."
"I'm flattered you think that's a possibility."
"Yeah, well it's lucky I've rolled a lot of vacation. - Author: Josh Lanyon
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#4. Falling in love is sudden, easy, and fun. It's like a child going down a playground slide. Falling out of love is slow, difficult, and painful. It's like watching a child die of cancer. ~ Ben Davis, Sr. - Author: Jayden Hunter
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#5. The laws of history tell us that only when the old is gone can the new take its place. - Author: Wei Jingsheng
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#6. Time eateth all things, could old poets say, The times are chang'd, our times drink all away. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#7. The hardest struggle of all is to be something different from what the average man is. I don't believe in 'super-men,' for the world is full of capable men, but it's the fellow with determination that wins out. - Author: Charles M. Schwab
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#8. How can kindliness rule that manWho eateth other flesh to increase his own? - Author: Thiruvalluvar
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#9. We inhabit an internal world that is subject to diversification. Every day we undergo personal transformation based upon experiences, thoughts, and feelings. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#10. It is probably true that I would not have had as many children or mothers in my books without being a mother with children. It is definitely true that I would not have written about the Civil War without having a little guy who was obsessed with it. - Author: Marly Youmans
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#11. Take back the smile and the night, take it all back, I wish I could. - Author: Daniel Handler
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#12. Liberty consists in the power of doing that which is permitted by the law. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#13. As to classing it in the list of fables, the idea was out of the question. - Author: Jules Verne
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#14. You must be very proud; the whole city crowded with your lovers. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
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#15. Proverbs 31:27: She looketh well to the way of her household and eateth not the bread of idleness. - Author: Sandra Dallas
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#16. Often God takes what is intended as a criticism and turns it into a compliment. The Pharisees said of Jesus, "This man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them" (Luke 15:2). Christ's enemies meant it as an accusation; we take it as an accolade! - Author: Jerry Vines
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#17. Through patience and certainty, leadership in the religion is obtained. - Author: Ibn Taymiyyah
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#18. The 'spirit of Davos' has definitely achieved a thing or two. - Author: Hubert Burda
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