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Top 25 East Los Angeles Quotes

#1. Things do change and, unlike the Middle East and the traffic in Los Angeles, sometimes they can even get better. - Author: Jeff Kahn
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#2. My own parents divorced when I was six. I was raised with my brother Joel by our mother on the East Coast, visiting my father in Los Angeles during holidays. When your parents are divorced, you don't know anything else, do you? - Author: Michael Douglas
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#3. People look at technology as sometimes an end to things, and it isn't an end in certain cases. In the movie business, the act of creating in the art form of movies, the craft of movies is completely technical, and that's all it is. - Author: George Lucas
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#4. As our heart soars, we fly with it! Let love take you places! - Author: Bryant McGill
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#5. Because every day in my journal I write down the best thing that's happened to me. And today it's you. When
When Johanna said that, I felt light, warm in that spot just above my stomach where it usually feels clenched and tight. - Author: Gary Paulsen
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#6. Find out what my Individual Divine and Unique Power IS and offer it outwards in harmony with all life! - Author: Alan Rufus
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#7. I've never really been told my game reflects like I'm from Los Angeles. I'm always told that I have more of an East Coast type game. - Author: Brandon Jennings
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#8. It's a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation. - Author: Roberto Benigni
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#9. Atlanta is not the South. Atlanta is not the South, gotdamn it, when you go to Atlanta what does your clock say? When you get off the plane from Los Angeles or Texas, what time do it be over there? Atlanta is East Coast time. You niggas ain't in the South. - Author: Pimp C
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#10. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I split my time between the West Coast and the East. - Author: Tessa Thompson
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#11. It is as if the first diviner of absinthe had been indeed a magician intent upon a combination of sacred drugs which should cleanse, fortify and perfume the human soul. - Author: Aleister Crowley
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#12. I feel that the critic and music director should have such a good relationship they can pick up the phone and call each other any time. - Author: Zubin Mehta
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#13. I realised the amazing power of literature and of the human imagination generally: to make the dead live and to stop the living from dying. - Author: Ivan Klima
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#14. For about three years I was performing at one bar in East Los Angeles that was like a mean dive bar. You're in there performing for drunks or bikers, not the most flattering people. I think it helped build my confidence, because you have to get their attention, then make them laugh. - Author: Gabriel Iglesias
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#15. But I still serve pretty big and that's one of my biggest weapons, so if my shoulder holds up and I can count on it, I can win a few matches and then you never know how the other guys are going to react to the fatigue and the length of the matches. - Author: Guy Forget
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#16. We get these really deep and emotional fan letters sometimes that are so heartbreaking or shocking or haunting sometimes that I can kind of relate to them in my own way and connect with our fans in that way. - Author: Vic Fuentes
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#17. Swallows have disappeared, bees are dying out because of pesticides that should have been banned long ago - it's a scandal. - Author: Brigitte Bardot
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#18. I will keep the ground that God has given me and perhaps in his grace, he will ignite me again. But ignite me or not, in his grace, in his power, I will hold the ground. - Author: John Knox
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#19. I would love to dive into an indie film based on the streets of East Los Angeles where I grew up. If that doesn't come my way soon, I think I just might have to write it myself. - Author: Michael Trevino
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#20. We shot 'Skateland' in the end of 2008, in Shreveport, Louisiana just between the border of East Texas and Louisiana - and we shot 'Battle: Los Angeles' at the end of 2009, also in Shreveport. So I know a lot about Shreveport. - Author: Taylor Handley
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#21. When the one is sacrificed, the many are also deprived! - Author: John Barone
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#22. Louis C. K. makes me laugh, I must say. - Author: Chris O'Dowd
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#23. I was born and raised in East Los Angeles by a single mom who had three biological kids and adopted four more. I never met my dad. - Author: Will.i.am
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#24. If I were to say that I grew up in East Los Angeles in the projects poor, I assumed that everybody understood that it came with its own reasons for being the way I am. I didn't get that people needed to understand where my comedy came from; I thought that they knew that. Now I tell people. - Author: Carlos Mencia
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#25. There are a few places on the East Coast, and maybe Los Angeles, where women understand evening gowns. The rest of the country still has far to go. - Author: Rabih Alameddine
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