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#1. It does me good to write a letter which is not a response to a demand, a gratuitous letter, so to speak, which has accumulated in me like the waters of a reservoir. - Author: Henry Miller
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#2. If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do. Lucille Ball

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. - Author: Lucille Ball
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#3. I have been playing acoustic music for a very long time, and it's something that I am very comfortable doing, so if I made a record, it would probably be a mixture of that and some other things that I'm interested in. - Author: Oscar Isaac
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#4. A society with values, is a rich society. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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#5. gods were always demanding that their followers acted other than according to their true natures, and the human fallout this caused made plenty of work for witches. The - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#6. I went back to China and did a movie in Mandarin, and I don't speak Mandarin, so I learned it phonetically. Now, when I'm on set and somebody gives me English lines, I'm like, "Are you kidding? What's happening? This is amazing!" - Author: Maggie Q
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#7. Women ... I mean, they are the other half of the sky, and without them there is nothing. And without us there's nothing. There's only the two together creating children, creating society. - Author: John Lennon
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#8. One of the great illusions of our time is that hurrying will buy us more time. - Author: John Ortberg
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#9. And that's what it's about, isn't it? Love? Love's about making it last, making it stick, making it count - even when it hurts, when times are hard, when people change, when life changes them. If you love someone, then you have to want to love them, whoever they are. - Author: Rowan Coleman
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#10. To build character of purpose and integrity is our high mark, and that cannot be done in a world where there are no adverse elements. - Author: Vance Havner
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