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Top 18 Earn Your Body Quotes

#1. Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. - Author: Tony Robbins
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#2. When we make love, it's going to be making love. I want more than just your amazing body, Autumn. I want all of you." She felt him swallow against the top of her head. "I don't know who broke your heart, but I'm going to earn your trust. And we will make love. - Author: Evelyn Adams
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#3. If you want to get the body you've always dreamed of, you have to earn it. - Author: Richard Simmons
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#4. I saw the autumn leaves peel up of the street, Take wing on the balmy breeze and sweep you off your feet - Author: Owl City
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#5. Well, you're in a theater and it's 24 shots a second, your face, your body, your voice, and it's your craft, the way you earn your living, and it's indelible. It's not like writing a script - I write as well - I can't do another draft, it's done. - Author: William Mapother
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#6. If you've got a problem make it a procedure and it won't be a problem anymore. - Author: Ben Feldman
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#7. She smiles at her reflection in a spoon. - Author: Edie Brickell
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#8. Was it not enough punishment and suffering in history that we were uprooted and made helpless slaves not only in new colonial outposts but also domestically. - Author: Robert Mugabe
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#9. In the desert the most loved waters, like a lover's name, are carried blue in your hands, enter your throat. One swallows absence. - Author: Michael Ondaatje
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#10. In Los Angeles ... was the thinking-est crowd on earth: how to get ahead, how to mold a better body, how to have a better relationship, how to score, earn, fight, win, get published, be a star. - Author: Caroline B. Cooney
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#11. In New York City, everyone is an exile, none more so than the Americans. - Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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#12. There's something about swimsuits that make you think you've got to earn the right to wear them. And that's wrong. Really, the criteria is simple. Do you have a body? Put a swimsuit on it. - Author: Julie Murphy
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#13. Why waste your life working for a few shillings a week in a scullery, eighteen hours a day, when a woman could earn a decent wage by selling her body instead? - Author: Emma Goldman
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#14. Our body is there right now. You did not have to earn a thing. It is a gift. You are a hero every time you step out of your front door to do some exercise. - Author: Naomi Alderman
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#15. A man must earn his daily bread by some means some-where, and if his bread fails to nourish his soul, at least his body will be nourished while his soul suffers. - Author: Jose Saramago
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#16. I'm not really someone who looks forward to the gym. But I realise it's something that I have to do to perform well on the pitch. - Author: Andrew Flintoff
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#17. May not men earn their bread by intellectual labor? No, the needs of the body must be supplied by the body. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#18. With the muscles of our body, we can lift and move heavy things. With the muscle of integrity, we can turn intention into powerful action. That's how we can earn trust from our conscience, and can truly believe in ourselves. - Author: Ilchi Lee
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