Top 7 Eagle Funny Quotes

#1. But still, like air, I'll rise

Maya Angelou

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#2. Um ... " I mumbled, "We wait."
"What? Wait? Do you expect them to just come up here to the beach to get some moonlight?" He sneered as he took another bite of the eagle.

Grace Fiorre

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#3. Mom and Dad are truly my heroes. And I have to say, so is my little brother Robert. He's 11, and he's just the most amazing boy. He's so much like Dad sometimes, it's a bit scary.

Bindi Irwin

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#4. In this dim world of clouding cares,
We rarely know, till wildered eyes
See white wings lessening up the skies,
The angels with us unawares.

Gerald Massey

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#5. Prayer, which is breathing with the Spirit of Jesus, leads us to this immense knowledge.

Henri J.M. Nouwen

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#6. The bottom half of the page had descended into a doodle of a tiny man giving the middle finger to a giant, angry eagle with razor-sharp talons. Beneath it, the caption: To Mock a Killing Bird.

Seth Grahame-Smith

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#7. You have to look at what you have right in front of you, at what it could be, and stop measuring it against what you've lost. I know this to be wise and true, just as I know that pretty much no one can do it.

Jonathan Tropper

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