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#1. I was a gymnast for years. - Author: Kelly Preston
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#2. No writer or teacher or artist can escape the responsibility of influencing others whether he intends to or not, whether he is conscious of it or not. - Author: Arthur Koestler
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#3. But there was something about you that made me think of sparks and motion. - Author: David Levithan
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#4. I was offered seven deals from seven different major labels between 2009-2011, and to be quite honest ... nowadays, you need a hit record, a great radio team, an amazing PR firm, social media, a big budget, a team that is ready to work extremely hard, and the drive and passion to win! - Author: Ashanti
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#5. I don't think I can call myself an actress yet. I just don't think my skill level is that high. I hope that with every job it gets better. But until I'm good, I can say I'm trying to be an actor, but I don't think I've completely made it. - Author: Keira Knightley
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#6. I am anxious to give away information, for it is only by giving it away that you can keep it. When you have told it, you remember it. It is with information as it is with liberty, the only way to be dead sure of it is to give it to other people. - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
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#7. I don't even have a clue as to where to find a pregnancy test. I'm looking at all the aisles ... they don't have one that says 'oops. - Author: Gabriel Iglesias
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#8. To demonstrate integrity, a person must have the courage to consistently adhere to a strong ethical code, even in difficult situations. - Author: Scott K. Edinger
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#9. When the media is controlled by people who runs the world, you are only going to get news that they want you to know. They will paint anther's man country's hero a tyrant, a dictator or a murderer and favor the next just to divide and conquer the people. - Author: Henry Johnson Jr
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#10. How fond she is of finding morals in things!' Alice thought to herself. - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#11. Only a craven would steal a fruit when he could take the orchard. - Author: George R R Martin
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#12. I gave you all the happiness of my life,where are you ?
You took my joy away from me,where are you ?
give it back,i have life too. - Author: Chandran Nair
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