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Top 16 Dream Breaks Quotes

#1. The fisher droppeth his net in the stream, And a hundred streams are the same as one; And the maiden dreameth her love-lit dream; And what is it all, when all is done? The net of the fisher the burden breaks, And always the dreaming the dreamer wakes. - Author: Alice Cary
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#2. Again and again, faith in a possible satisfaction of the human race breaks through at the very moments of most zealous discord because humankind will never be able to live and work without this consoling delusion of its ascent into morality, without this dream of final and ultimate accord. - Author: Stefan Zweig
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#3. In poor countries, officials receive explicit bribes; in D.C. they get the sophisticated, implicit, unspoken promise to work for large corporations - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#4. The bird dares to break the shell, then the shell breaks open and the bird can fly openly. This is the simplest principle of success. You dream, you dare and and you fly. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#5. One star breaks off from the others, shooting across the sky, a bright light trailing behind it, and I finally understand why people wish on dying stars. Because something always has to die for life to give birth to a new dream. - Author: Kimberly Kinrade
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#6. I broke the first rule, the unwritten one, meant not just for warriors but all of us: I took love and used it as a balm to soothe my ego. - Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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#7. I DECLARE God's dream for my life is coming to pass. It will not be stopped by people, disappointments, or adversities. God has solutions to every problem I will ever face already lined up. The right people and the right breaks are in my future. I will fulfill my destiny. This is my declaration. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#8. All you do is eat. You eat, then you start thinking about the next thing you're going to eat."
"Eating is the only thing that breaks the monotony," Scotty said.
Seth's eyebrows shot up. "This isn't monotony. This is the fucking dream."
"It will be," Scotty said. "When I have some yogurt. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#9. The firmament breaks up. In black eclipse Light after light goes out. One evil star, Luridly glaring through the smoke of war, As in the dream of the Apocalypse, Drags others down. - Author: Harold Holzer
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#10. As a child, I was always very interested in music and had friends who were in the music business. I kind of accidentally fell into it and loved it. There was no reason not to - it was a great career. - Author: Hooman Majd
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#11. There is no place in the world but contains some trace of God. - Author: Jacques Maritain
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#12. We dare not enter the kingdom of liberty with mere life-homage to truth and nonviolence. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#13. All at once
A fresher wind sweeps by, and breaks my dream,
And I am in the wilderness alone. - Author: William Cullen Bryant
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#14. For me, coming to work every day has turned out to be exactly what I hoped it would be. - Author: Kevin Spacey
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#15. Years go, dreams go, and youth goes too, The world's heart breaks beneath its wars,All things are changed, save in the east,The faithful beauty of the stars. - Author: Sara Teasdale
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#16. Politicians have a lot to deal with these days. It's a different world. You know who I feel bad for? Arab Americans who truly want to get into crop dusting. Could be their life long dream,
and every time they ask for a pamphlet, all hell breaks loose. - Author: Brian Regan
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