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Top 8 Dragon Warrior Nes Quotes

#1. I've always thought flight was fun and wanted to write about flight, and I knew a lot of househusbands who were having a really bad time with it. I thought flight might perk up a marriage here or there. - Author: Steven Amsterdam
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#2. Fame is a very confusing thing, because you are recognized by a lot of people that you've never seen before, and they're at a great advantage. - Author: Scott Hamilton
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#3. If you're famous, you're not free. - Author: Tadanobu Asano
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#4. 'To Kill a Mockingbird' represents Hollywood at its very finest, when a popular film could truly contain a message. It has one of the most moving scores of all time. - Author: Mark Mothersbaugh
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#5. Leave the caves of being. Come. The mind breathes outside the mind. The time has come to abandon your lodgings. Surrender to the Universal Thought. The Marvelous is at the root of the mind. - Author: Antonin Artaud
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#6. He's a great kid. He hates the same way I do. - Author: Joseph P. Kennedy
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#7. Why do people give into stereotypes others have about them? Why would you ever let someone else's negative thoughts dictate how you're going to leave your life? - Author: Gaby Rodriguez
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#8. In time we often become one with those we once failed to understand. - Author: Patti Smith
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