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Top 7 Dr. House Lupus Quotes

#1. How can there be love without a true choice? Would you suggest that man be stripped of the capacity to love?

Ted Dekker

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#2. What if every day, every human had a 1 percent chance of being turned into a turkey, and every turkey had a 1 percent chance of being turned into a human?

Randall Munroe

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#3. Power, wrongly used, defeats the oppressor as well as the oppressed.

Wally Lamb

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#4. It is true we love life; not because we are wont to live, but because we are wont to love.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#5. Each time you meditate you have the possibility of completely changing your life in one meditation. If you meditate with your whole heart and your whole soul, you will become light itself.

Frederick Lenz

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#6. The sexiest people are thinkers.

Vivienne Westwood

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#7. Now and again, an actor will blow my mind by doing something really unexpected, like Mickey Rourke or Christopher Walken - you have absolutely no idea what they're going to do, which is really thrilling to watch.

Jamie Dornan

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