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#1. If a lighthouse looks like it's in a different place, it's not the lighthouse that's moved. - Author: M.L. Stedman
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#2. The more we get to know God, the more we want to know him better. - Author: D. A. Carson
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#3. I think it's really important not to be so judgmental and not to be so fearful. Try to have confidence in yourself. Don't depend so much on what others say about you or want you to be. - Author: Deepa Mehta
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#4. When I go in front of an audience, I'll admit I sometimes have a certain amount of fear in me, because maybe the people are not going to accept what I'm doing today. That's bad for any artist, especially if what you're doing is not in line with what's happening today. - Author: Jimmy Rushing
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#5. A woman will never fall in love with a man who doesn't dominate her, however slightly. - Author: Waguih Ghali
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#6. Because, I thought, a line from Tolkien materializing in my head, one does not simply walk into Mordor. - Author: Ransom Riggs
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#7. People are afraid of immortality because they believe they won't find something to do and will get bored! What to do if we become immortal? We can just walk! It is better than dying! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#8. If we make anything that lasts, it outlives us. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#9. God simply is," Bick said. "Humanity embraced It. They gave It color and gender, shape and form. They put words in Its mouth. They always have, and they still do, perhaps they always will. I always experience God as a 'He,' but God is too vast to be held prisoner by language of biology. - Author: R.S. Belcher
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#10. The Architect is just one of a series of works which examine the confrontation of innocence and experience, illustrating the complex ethics of power that exist between reader and writer, critic and artist, the human and the divine. - Author: John Scott
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#11. My Sunday school teachers had turned Bible narrative into children's fables. They talked about Noah and the ark because the story had animals in it. They failed to mention that this was when God massacred all of humanity. - Author: Donald Miller
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