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Top 5 Dota Noob Quotes

#1. A mask partially conceals, but it also tells us that something is behind the mask.

Gary L. Thomas

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#2. You never know when people's dreams are connected to you before you're gone and then there's nothing to do, but watch them die in a different way, slow, limb by limb, system by system.

Marlon James

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#3. I wish I could catch the words and reel them back in my mouth to safely store away in my Shut the Hell Up, You Idiot file.

Katie Kacvinsky

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#4. I love TV and I love making films and I love doing plays. I feel very lucky to be able to do all three.

Matthew Macfadyen

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#5. After eating a hundred mice, the cat makes a hadj to Mecca.

Shauna Singh Baldwin

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