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Top 19 Donald Ducks Sayings

#1. I still want to play music but I don't want to look like Donald Duck while I'm doing it. - Author: Elton John
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#2. Writers - we're a little crazy about how much we care about it. We spend a lot of time fussing. At least, I do. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#3. There's a reason cats were near deity in ancient Egypt. Dogs may be loyal, but cats are smart. This one must recognize our bond. You can take the cat ouf of Egypt, but you can't take Egypt out of the cat. Wow, I should have that embroidered on a pillow or something. - Author: Kiersten White
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#4. Conflict is just another chance for agreement. - Author: Ken Poirot
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#5. Disneyland's a mess. And it's not just the measles. Donald Duck has bird flu. Pocahontas has small pox. The Little Mermaid has crabs. And the Monorail? Mono. - Author: Bill Maher
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#6. I do have my ducks in line if I want to do it, but I'd love to see the Republicans pick somebody that was going to win and take over this country and frankly, to use the expression, 'Make America great again.' - Author: Donald Trump
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#7. I am thinking of our family's women
as faraway bulbs, their history
with crippling loss, and
how I am pieced together, shell and sand,
from the spine of their collective strength. - Author: Jerrold Yam
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#8. Isn't it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation? - Author: Zig Ziglar
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#9. I am not drawn to the fairytale kind of love. I am drawn to the real-life experiences between a woman and a man. I try to sing about the way it is, but yet at the same time, what you can hope for between a couple. - Author: Kip Moore
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#10. I would love to see a march on Washington that says 'Save our Social Security'. - Author: Barbara Boxer
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#11. In retrospect I would say from Donald Duck I have learned more about life than from all the schools I ever attended. - Author: Gottfried Helnwein
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#12. Starstruck with one buck, your girl look like Donald Duck. - Author: Kool Keith
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#13. Failure in life does not matter; the greatest misfortune is standing still. - Author: Hazrat Inayat Khan
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#14. Pixie and Dixie just did a drive by on Donald Duck, but they shot and missed and now Bugs Bunny is getting kind of pissed. - Author: Coolio
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#15. That's what I've wanted to do my whole life, just act. When I was younger, I loved to entertain people. I always used to make up dance routines, do little plays. I love to perform, basically. - Author: Cara Delevingne
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#16. Our fathers were often away. But then sometimes, out of the blue, they'd be gone forever. Often away and gone forever: the two phrases marked the difference between having a living father and a dead one. It wasn't a big difference, but it was big enough to make us cry when no one was looking. One - Author: Carsten Jensen
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#17. The aim of torture is to destroy a person as a human being, to destroy their identity and soul. It is more evil than murder ... - Author: Inge Genefke
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#18. Better to be blind and see with your heart, than to have two good eyes and see nothing. - Author: Helen Keller
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#19. One has the right to be wrong in a democracy. - Author: Claude Pepper
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