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#1. Look into his mind, his universe. We may think it's sick, but for him, this place is a little slice of paradise. A place where the dead are laid to rest. Just the place the Dominator would come. He walks around here and probably imagines a whole harem of sleeping women right beneath his feet. - Author: Tess Gerritsen
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#2. Jeff Beachum, Sergeant of Snark, Wielder of Witticism, Dominator of the Double Entendre, completely ran out of things to say. - Author: Amy Lane
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#3. Television is by nature the dominator drug par excellence. Control of content, uniformity of content, repeatability of content make it inevitably a tool of coersion, brainwashing, and manipulation. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#4. I was never overexposed and work never became a chore. I was a very good girl wanting to do a good job. - Author: Anna Paquin
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#5. Logic is trying to trick my mind into believing that what my heart is saying, is a lie ~
That's why I'll scream it loud and clear,
Your heart knows what your mind won't always hear. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#6. When we only name the problem, when we state complaint without a constructive focus or resolution, we take hope away. In this way critique can become merely an expression of profound cynicism, which then works to sustain dominator culture. - Author: Bell Hooks
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#7. Epics are never written about libraries. They exist on whim; it depends on if the conquering army likes to read. - Author: Patricia A. McKillip
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#8. I don't go to different countries to criticise their political system and tell them what they should be doing - what do I know? - Author: Dylan Moran
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#9. When he came home with the traditional gift of underwear bought with his first paycheck, she barely looked at it, and coldly shot at him, "What about what you were going to be? - Author: Kyung-Sook Shin
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#10. More than ever before in our nation's history, females are encouraged to assume the patriarchal mask and bury their emotional selves as deeply as their male counterparts do. Females embrace this paradigm because they feel it is better to be a dominator than to be dominated. - Author: Bell Hooks
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#11. Rakkety Rakkety Rakkety Tam, the drums are beatin' braw. Rakkety Rakkety Rakkety Tam, are ye marchin' off tae war? - Author: Brian Jacques
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#12. Change management is kind of a weird concept to me. We can' t control events any more than we can control the weather. But we control how we deal with it and we can control the opportunities that these moments of change create. - Author: Kevin Allen
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#13. In that wide struggle which we call Progress, evil is always the aggressor and the vanquished, and it is right that this should be so, for without its onslaughts and depredations humanity might fall to a fat slumber upon its cornsacks and die snoring. - Author: James Stephens
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#14. How do you deal with meditating when you stop breathing? The trick is to meditate just a little higher and you won't even know that you're not breathing. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#15. Our culture difinitely takes an egocentric dominator view. The fear of the psychedelic experience is quite literally the fear of losing control. Dominator types today don't understand that it's not important to maintain control if you are not in control in the first place. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#16. My advice for other female directors is look for people who really appreciate your vision and are willing to genuinely support you. When it comes time to taking notes on various cuts, if you have a smart producer, listen to her notes! - Author: Linda Hoaglund
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#17. When you blow away the foam, you get down to the real stuff. - Author: T. Boone Pickens
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#18. I once read that football was invented so people wouldn't notice summer ending. But I couldn't wait for summer vacation to end. I couldn't wait for football. Football, dominator of fall - football, love of my life. - Author: Miranda Kenneally
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#19. I take pleasure in an excellent work done. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#20. I'm not afraid to be alone like you are. - Author: Courtney Summers
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#21. The Lady was medicine bad enough. The Dominator, though, was the body of which her evil was but a shadow. Or so the legend goes. I sometimes wonder why, if that is true, she walks the earth and he lies restless in the grave. - Author: Glen Cook
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#22. When I was growing up, I never felt that I belonged anywhere because we never lived in a house for more than three months. That's all I knew, and that's why I don't really belong anywhere. - Author: Peter Doig
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#23. What we won't do is pretend that the work of lunatic charlatans is the equivalent of "true scientific discourse." It isn't. - Author: Jimmy Wales
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