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#1. The citizens of America and the citizens of Texas expect to be able to live in safety in their communities. That's what the rule of law is truly all about. - Author: Rick Perry
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#2. Those griefs smart most which are seen to be of our own choice. - Author: Sophocles
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#3. I became an animal painter because I loved to move among animals. I would study an animal and draw it in the position it took, and when it changed to another position I would draw that. - Author: Rosa Bonheur
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#4. A mere ape in our world may be a scholar in its own, and the low life of any beast may be a source of deep satisfaction for the beast itself. - Author: Jeffrey Kluger
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#5. Sal could have killed me for trying to escape the mines, but he didn't. I'd certainly given him plenty of reasons to do it before then as well. I had to help him now. The - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
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#6. I've always had a passion for hockey, ... That's the key. You can't be putting in time. You have to enjoy doing what you do. - Author: Sidney Crosby
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#7. Of course, anything as tasty as a Cuban sandwich, much the same as Italian Pizza or Chinese Chop Suey, soon spreads into the general population. - Author: Hank Bracker
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#8. He that distributeth not That which he hath received
His food, his drink, his sustenance
Unto devotee, brahman, beggar, wayfarer
Such a low man as he, they say, is like Unto a lack of rain. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#9. I like bad boys ... not really bad, but men with an edge ... they should be clean but have that streak. - Author: Sonam Kapoor
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#10. No one know what he can do till he tries. - Author: Publilius Syrus
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#11. Food is a necessary component to life. People can live without Renoir, Mozart, Gaudi, Beckett, but they cannot live without food. - Author: Grant Achatz
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#12. You are a stolen painting, Kuwei. Too recognizable to sell on the open market, too valuable to leave lying around. You are worthless to me. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#13. I don't miss my pin-up days. I'm far too old for that malarkey. - Author: Gail Porter
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#14. Are we changing the idea of what beauty is? Let's hope so. I'm not the typical Hollywood beauty. Let's hope we're looking at the insides of people a little more. - Author: Anne Heche
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#15. I believe the biggest breakthroughs on cancer could come from brilliant researchers based in India. - Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
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