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Top 16 Distaffe Quotes

#1. One of the major problems with China is that its innovation is largely borrowed technology.

Alan Greenspan

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#2. I never got a lot done using a broomstick. You've got to have something that's lethal.

Conrad Burns

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#3. I lie around the floor with my cats Billy and Jazz or watch DVDs with my best friends.

Cathy Freeman

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#4. After 35, I felt like I'd been in these relationships; some were great, some weren't so great, but they weren't right partnerships.

Essence Atkins

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#5. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own?

George Orwell

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#6. I affirm that any sort of photograph is superior to any sort of painting aiming at the same result.

Alvin Langdon Coburn

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#7. I am very indecisive. I'm always afraid of making the wrong decision.

Katie Leung

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#8. That the decision is taken away from the voters, and as in 2000 turned over to the lawyers and the courts.

John Fund

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#9. Our clients' faces, with the customary outward paleness and inner glow of the book lover.

Diane Setterfield

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#10. My voice rings down through thousands of years to coil around your body and give you strength, you who have wept in direct sunlight, who have hungered in invisible chains, tremble to the cadence of my legacy: An army of lovers shall not fail.

Rita Mae Brown

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#11. Without being overtly political about it, if people with severe disabilities are calculated in societal terms purely as a monetised unit, in terms of how much they cost in terms of care, you lose an important sense of who they are and the effect they have.

Rory Kinnear

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#12. Envy, it was often said among shicts, was the mother of human invention,

Sam Sykes

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#13. We came to realize that a civilization which rode roughshod over the way of life of other peoples was incorporating evil in its own way of life.

Margaret Mead

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#14. Nash and Saint's story to be continued .

Jay Crownover

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#15. That which will not be spun, let it not come betweene the spindle and the distaffe.

George Herbert

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#16. The other was fair, as fair as can be, with great masses of golden hair and eyes like pale sapphires.

Bram Stoker

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