Top 13 Disc Assessment Quotes

#1. Many 'natural' events - like early death, disease, hardship - are neither desirable nor necessary.

Phyllis Chesler

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#2. Music doesn't always bring me to tears; if I hear "Love" by John Lennon at a vulnerable moment it will bring me to tears.

Lou Barlow

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#3. She prayed for that all through the night, uncertain to Whom or what, but with a feeling that almost resembled faith.

Hillary Jordan

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#4. When I sit up here ... I'm just blown away God even notices us ...

Denise Hunter

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#5. I seem to have been everywhere in the last 30 years, maybe not in the epicenter but flying around the periphery of extraordinary events and equally extraordinary people.

Rupert Everett

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#6. A revolution must aim at the destruction of the given order and will succeed only by asserting an order of its own.

Rudolf Arnheim

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#7. "Exciting" is a dull world to describe the wrestling business.

Alexander Nderitu

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#8. Biologically speaking, if something bites you it's more likely to be female.

Desmond Morris

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#9. Being a gay married man, I love Broadway musicals.

Lloyd Kaufman

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#10. My personal feeling about science fiction is that it's always in some way connected to the real world, to our everyday world.

Elizabeth Moon

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#11. The banks don't have anything - no rights whatsoever. The banks are shareholders of SLEC, and SLEC has no rights ... I am the CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration, which runs the business in F1. From this point of view, I own F1.

Bernie Ecclestone

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#12. Why did it happen this way and not otherwise? Because this is how it happened.

Leo Tolstoy

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#13. Never feel lonely. You are never lonely. At the deepest core of your being, God resides.


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