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Top 18 Diplomatic World Quotes

#1. A very large majority of the U.S. population is in favor of establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba and has been for a long time with some fluctuations. And even part of the business world is in favor of it, too. But the government won't allow it. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#2. Stupidity is a fact of life, but unmentionable. The new Prudery. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#3. You cannot understand the otherness of places you have not encountered. If all young adults were required to spend two weeks in a foreign country, two-thirds of the world's diplomatic problems could be solved. It wouldn't matter what country they visited or what they did during their stays. - Author: Andrew Solomon
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#4. The world of public discourse - political, social, diplomatic, commercial - has so corrupted language that we are rightly more suspicious of the meaning of words than we are convinced of their veracity. Language has been turned on its head. - Author: Deena Metzger
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#5. I never wanted to be a star, I never wanted to travel far / I only wanted a little bit of love so I could put a little love in my heart / I never wanted to be la-de-da, go to parties 'avec le bourgeois' / I only wanted to sing my song well so I could ring a small bell in your heart - Author: Yusuf Islam
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#6. The cure of many diseases is unknown to physicians because they are ignorant of the whole ... For the part can never be well unless the whole is well. - Author: Plato
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#7. Despite her unrepentant aversion to Italian food, which her husband put down to her nation's historic distrust of Italy, she suddenly declared: All I want in life is to be able to get a take-away pizza! - Author: Julia Stuart
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#8. The taxes of government are heavy enough, but not so heavy as the taxes we lay upon ourselves. - Author: Orville Dewey
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#9. Apart from its ill-fated name and frightening body, everything about the crab as a creature is creepy. It only moves sideways. To the right and then jerking to the left. It always looks like it's trying to avoid an awkward situation. "Uh-oh. I owe that guy money," as he sidesteps away. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#10. British education is probably the best in the world, if you can survive it. If you can't there is nothing left for you but the diplomatic corps. - Author: Peter Ustinov
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#11. More scientific language and less diplomatic rhetoric may make this world even better. - Author: Wen Jiabao
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#12. I believe in God, absolutely. - Author: Antoine Fuqua
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#13. My father had been in the German Diplomatic Service, and although he had been in the United States since World War II and out of diplomacy, it was something that was very much talked about in the family. So when I went to college, it was always my intention to try to get into the Foreign Service. - Author: Hermann Eilts
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#14. I don't think America should be the policeman of the world, but we have to be engaged and we have to be a leader, and that comes from strong economic growth, a strong military, good diplomatic efforts, and integrating our business community. I just think it's a whole new paradigm. - Author: John Kasich
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#15. I believe President Bush is one of the most dangerous leaders in the world. He is not in search of peaceful and diplomatic solutions. - Author: Bianca Jagger
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#16. Justice is as strictly due between neighbor nations as between neighbor citizens. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#17. I think an awful lot of the diplomatic problems that exist in the world come from people assuming that their society is the one with a purchase on truth. - Author: Andrew Solomon
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#18. We join Armenians around the world as we remember the terrible massacres suffered in 1915-1923 at the hands of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire. The United States responded to this crime against humanity by leading diplomatic and private relief efforts. - Author: George H. W. Bush
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