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Top 10 Diluant Quotes

#1. I have rules for everything. - Author: Hans Vestberg
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#2. I love weights, but it's too far to get to the gym. So I make the farm my gym: I split wood and haul tires and do work on the farm, and that's sort of my weight training portion. - Author: Ann Bancroft
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#3. You can't be sad when Daisy is around, she won't let you. - Author: Maryam Faresh
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#4. In a fight between a strong technique and a strong body, technique will prevail. In a fight between a strong mind and a strong technique, mind will prevail, because it will find the weak point. - Author: Taisen Deshimaru
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#5. Our motto is to work for peace based on social justice. Our mandate is to improve the condition, health and safety of workers, and our mission is universal. - Author: David A. Morse
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#6. Travel should rub off Local Prejudices and provide an enlarged and impartial view of Men and Things. - Author: Josiah Tucker
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#7. Satan doesn't mind you using your strengths, so long as you do it for personal benefits. - Author: Rick Warren
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#8. No mighty king, no ambitious emperor, no pope, or prophet ever dreamt of such an awesome pulpit, so potent a magic wand [television]. - Author: Fred W. Friendly
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#9. He thought cucumbers were good enough, but pickles were delicious - so absolutely delicious, in fact, that he questioned whether they were, indeed, made from cucumbers, which were only good enough. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#10. Once she had said to him that what they had was grace. Even now, married properly, rank bestowed, it still was. And always would be - Author: Anne Leonard
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