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Top 16 Dickens Pickwick Quotes

#1. I hope,' said Mr. Pickwick, 'that our volatile friend is committing no absurdities in that dickey behind. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#2. There was no wind in all that sweep of sky. - Author: Frank Yerby
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#3. I had in mind a message, although I hope it doesn't intrude too badly, persuading Americans, and especially Southerners, of the critical importance of land and our vanishing natural environment and wildlife. - Author: E. O. Wilson
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#4. The power of the Web is obvious and undeniable. We diminish it at our peril. But what if the most potent social effect to spread outward from the Internet turns out to be disinhibition, the breaking down of personal restraints and the endless elevation of oneself? It may be already. - Author: Daniel Henninger
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#5. Grim sighed heavily. "I swear I'm getting a migraine."
"My mom suffers from those a lot, too."
"Being around you, I imagine she does. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#6. Mr. Pickwick was no sluggard, and he sprang like an ardent warrior from his tent-bedstead. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#7. It only shows how true the old saying is, that a man never knows what he can do till he tries, gentlemen. From "Pickwick Papers" ch. 49 page 646 - Author: Charles Dickens
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#8. Hush. Don't ask any questions. It's always best on these occasions to do what the mob do."
"But suppose there are two mobs?" suggested Mr. Snodgrass.
"Shout with the largest," replied Mr. Pickwick.
Volumes could not have said more. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#9. Such,' thought Mr. Pickwick, 'are the narrow views of those philosophers who, content with examining the things that lie before them, look not to the truths which are hidden beyond. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#10. Mr. Pickwick gazed through his spectacles for an instant on the advancing mass, and then fairly turned his back and
we will not say fled; firstly because it is an ignoble term, and, secondly, because Mr. Pickwick's figure was by no means adapted for that mode of retreat ... - Author: Charles Dickens
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#11. Intelligence is a mere instrument of circumstances. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#12. Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it. - Author: Diane Von Furstenberg
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#13. As a shame researcher, I know that the very best thing to do in the midst of a shame attack is totally counterintuitive: Practice courage and reach out! - Author: Brene Brown
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#14. Charles Dickens' creation of Mr. Pickwick did more for the elevation of the human race - I say it in all seriousness - than Cardinal Newman's Lead Kindly Light Amid the Encircling Gloom. Newman only cried out for light in the gloom of a sad world. Dickens gave it. - Author: Stephen Leacock
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#15. Until the building of Solomon's temple the unity of worship according to it had, properly speaking, never had any existence; and, moreover, it is easy to read between the lines that even after that date it was more a pious wish than a practical demand. - Author: Julius Wellhausen
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#16. Mr. Pickwick was a philosopher, but philosophers are only men in armour, after all. - Author: Charles Dickens
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