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#1. There is a great amount of precision within each individual's technique and role in the play. When you put 22 of them out there, it can look chaotic but when you break down individual performance, it looks less so. - Author: Brendan Daly
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#2. Not only who am I, but who are we? And where are we going? It's the "we." It's the social connections that are special to human beings. - Author: Sylvia Earle
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#3. But a woman should not marry where there is no respect. Respect is the most important thing. - Author: Zen Cho
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#4. To die with your boots on while writing poetry is not as glorious as riding a horse down Broadway with a stick of dynamite in your teeth, - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#5. Desperate people lose the thing that makes them human beings. They lose their heart. Anger and hate fill them so that they act like animals. - Author: Arlene J. Chai
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#6. In sailing, in weather, in life and death, answers are not endings and questions are not to be feared. The unknowns keep us moving forward. - Author: Kaci Cronkhite
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#7. My electric-blue-suitmate was an uninhibited vagina about town. - Author: Tina Fey
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#8. I still don't even know if the sheriff will let me see him. And suppose he did; what then? What do I say to him? Do I know what a man is? Do I know how a man is supposed to die? I'm still trying to find out how a man should live. Am I supposed to tell someone how to die who has never lived? - Author: Ernest Gaines
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#9. On many days, harder than the act of making the art itself is the act of sharing it and living in a culture that you know is built to tear you down. - Author: Amanda Palmer
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#10. A lion of truth never assumes anything without validity. Assumptions are quick exits for lazy minds that like to graze out in the fields without bother. - Author: Suzy Kassem
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#11. If they don't utter the words, it cannot happen. But words, once spoken, seal a man or maid for life or death. [Gisa] - Author: Karen Maitland
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#12. It's funny when you feel as if you don't want anything more in your life except to sleep, or else to lie without moving. That's when you can hear time sliding past you, like water running. - Author: Jean Rhys
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#13. But if I didn't read, I'd think, and thinking, when you come down to it, is the most painful thing of all, and the most monopolizing - Author: Eric Rohmer
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