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Top 9 Di Ako Maganda Quotes

#1. It's all tied up with what's inside you. Head and heart, mind and
soul. Who you are and what you want-that's what fuels it. That's what
shapes it.

Lesley Livingston

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#2. GREAT EXPECTATIONS [1867 Edition] by Charles Dickens [Project Gutenberg Editor's Note: There is also another version of this work etext98/grexp10.txt scanned from a different edition]


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#3. I go to gyms quite a bit, martial arts gyms, MMA gyms. I try to train with the best people, with who's who in the martial arts, just to keep myself sharp.

Michael Jai White

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#4. I needed a concept of God that worked for me, and I wound up giving my life to Jesus Christ. I thought I was always going to have to wear skirts over my knees, not be able to listen to music, and have no personality. Fortunately, it's so completely opposite.

Justine Bateman

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#5. I could barely manage myself sometimes, let alone some miniature kleinman person whose sole method of communication was crying. How would I know what she wanted? How would I keep her happy?

M. J. O'Shea

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#6. The truth of the matter is that although not all Muslims are terrorists, unfortunately, in today's world, most of the terrorists - 99 per cent - are Muslim.

Shohreh Aghdashloo

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#7. If you don't hear His voice so let Him hear yours. When prayers go up blessings descend.

Bernard Malamud

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#8. I know now that it is going to be a tough and long road ahead of me

Susan Smith

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#9. I think love can come fairly easily and grow - but really liking the core essence of someone is a much harder thing to bottle. If you have both, you're in pretty good shape.

Eric Bana

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