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Top 13 Devilishly Delicious Quotes

#1. The pragmatist turns away from abstraction and insufficiency, from verbal solutions, from bad a priori reasons, from fixed principles, closed systems, and pretended absolutes and origins. He turns toward concreteness and adequacy, towards facts, towards action, and towards power. - Author: William James
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#2. Too much analysis kills a thing. Art is created from passion and inspires passion. And passion is beyond reason. Don't you think? - Author: Menna Van Praag
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#3. Young dancers are training at a very vulnerable time in their lives, through adolescence, and while they are trying to work out who they are as people, never mind as a dancer. So train the whole person, not just the dancer. - Author: Deborah Bull
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#4. Great contest follows, and much learned dust Involves the combatants; each claiming truth, And truth disclaiming both. - Author: William Cowper
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#5. The conversion of agnostic High Tories to the Anglican church is always rather suspect. It seems too pat and predictable, too clearly a matter of politics rather than faith. - Author: Terry Eagleton
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#6. So-called "inspiration" is no more than an extreme example of a process which constantly goes on in the minds of all of us. - Author: Anthony Storr
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#7. Letting ourselves be loved by God is the place where we stumble upon trust. - Author: Paula Rinehart
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#8. Tortoise, Tortoise get bigger, bigger. Come on Tortoise grow up, puff up, shoot up! Spring up, Blow up swell up! Gorge! Guzzle! Stuff! Gulp! Put on fat, Tortoise, Put on fat! get on, Get on! Gobble food!! - Author: Roald Dahl
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#9. I am only a picture-taster, the way others are wine-or tea-tasters. - Author: Bernard Berenson
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#10. I would spend months and months looking for a sound. I had to do that, or I wouldn't feel the extreme emotions I was feeling in my heart. - Author: Michael Masser
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#11. Thoughts are not who you are, they're habitual patterns in the mind, nothing more and as soon as you see them that way, they lose their sting. I think of them as the noise of a radio in another room; I can pay attention, sing along with them if I want and also choose to ignore them. - Author: Ruby Wax
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#12. Life isn't always kind. It isn't gentle and loving or sympathetic to the pains and sorrows of humanity. I, however, as an individual in control of my own actions, can be kind and loving, gentle and sympathetic to those around me, and in the process improve what life is for everyone. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#13. every happy friend increases our probability of being happy by 9 percent, - Author: Frederic Lenoir
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