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#1. I feel so sorry for younger actors who aren't able to have the opportunities that I had, starting out in repertory theatre. It's really tough on young actors now. - Author: Antony Sher
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#2. I shall never forget the despair and agony on the parents' faces on the awful day of the funeral when the 13 little children, victims not only of John D. Rockefeller, but of the government of the state of Colorado were buried. - Author: Ella R. Bloor
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#3. The primary contribution of government to this world is to elicit, entrench, enable, and finally to codify the most destructive aspects of the human personality. - Author: Jeffrey Tucker
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#4. Films make me into some cheap turn ... You bet they'll never let me play a part in a film where a Negro is on top. - Author: Paul Robeson
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#5. I'd love to be a saxophonist. I don't know why, but I pretend I'm the saxophonist when I listen to music. I have about as much chance playing the sax as I do learning how to fly. - Author: Richard Price
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#6. Immersing myself in Shakespeare's plays, reading them closely under the guidance of a brilliant, plain-spoken professor changed my life: It opened up the great questions; it put my petty problems into perspective. It got me out of bed in the mornings and kept me in the library late into the night. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
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#7. There is no cause to worry. The high tide of prosperity will continue. - Author: Andrew Mellon
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#8. I do believe there's been a lull of slasher films. There have been a few that I guess would fall under the genre of slasher. Like You're Next, which I thought was fun. There have been a few really good slasher films, but for the most part, that's sort of died away at the moment. - Author: Kevin D. Williamson
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#9. A person unlearns arrogance when he knows he is always among worthy human beings; being alone fosters presumption. Young people are arrogant because they always associate with their own peers, those who are all really nothing but who would like to be very important. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#10. Judaism is an historical religion. - Author: Moses Hess
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#11. He [Barak Obama]'s a guy from Chicago. He doesn't know what the hell to do. He's got a big pipe with a hole in it. - Author: Bill O'Reilly
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