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#1. Like the tiger, that seldom desists from pursuing man after having once preyed upon human flesh, the reader who has once gratified his appetite with calumny makes ever after the most agreeable feast upon murdered reputations!

Oliver Goldsmith

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#2. When I was little, my grandmother would take me to church with her, and she would introduce me to people.

Karin Slaughter

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#3. I mean, things happen all the simultaneously all the time - and as a rule, they have nothing to do with each other. Thats how the world works.

Nicolas Barreau

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#4. Wales! Where the men are men and the sheep are scared!

Dougie Poynter

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#5. Women are afraid in a world in which almost half the population bears the guise of the predator, in which no factor - age, dress, or color - distinguishes a man who will harm a woman from one who will not.

Marilyn French

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#6. Subtle persecution may happen to you in your office, school, or social gathering. You may not be "with it," or be "one of the crowd." No suffering that the Christian endures for Christ is ever in vain.

Billy Graham

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