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#1. Apple might not love me, but I love Apple. - Author: Glenn Beck
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#2. I've never been shot, but this probably what it feels like, that second of nothingness right before the pain catches up to the bullet. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
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#3. You do not go out into the street in your underwear, although usually you are wearing underwear. The underwear is not visible but it is there all the time. It is the same with concepts. They are there. They underlie practical things we do- even when we are not conscious of them. - Author: Edward De Bono
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#4. At present, intelligent people do not have their children vaccinated, nor does the law now compel them to. The result is not, as the Jennerians prophesied, the extermination of the human race by smallpox; on the contrary, more people are now killed by vaccination than by smallpox. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#5. Perhaps the virtue of coming from a place like Tasmania is that you had the great gift of knowing that you were not the centre of things, yet life was no less where you were. - Author: Richard Flanagan
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#6. Languages differ essentially in what they must convey and not in what they may convey. - Author: Roman Jakobson
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#7. When I see an actress or actor drag deeply in a movie, I imagine the pyrenes and phenols ravaging the tender epithelial cells and hardworking cilia of their bronchi, the monoxide and cyanide binding to their hemoglobin, the heaving and straining of their chemically panicked hearts. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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