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#1. Such was a prisoner's life. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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#2. It is some more Moral Sense. The proprietors are rich, and very holy; but the wage they pay to these poor brothers and sisters of theirs is only enough to keep them from dropping dead with hunger. - Author: Mark Twain
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#3. Divorce is a death. It is the death of a relationship. It is the death of your dreams. You have to start all over. - Author: Abigail Trafford
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#4. I love going to the gym, sweating, running around, feeling like I'm having a heart attack. - Author: Liam Hemsworth
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#5. I love what I am doing. I have a wonderful business. I have a wonderful television show that's doing - continues to do phenomenally in the ratings. I mean, it's been really a lot of fun. - Author: Donald Trump
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#6. They know what my standards are. They know what I need and how to get it to me, and they know how to communicate with me if for some reason they can't get it. - Author: Thomas Keller
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#7. The target of Melanie Thernstrom's The Dead Girl is, I think, an interesting one: - Author: David Shields
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#8. William Ransome and Cora Seaborne, stripped of code and convention, even of speech, stood with her strong hand in his: children of the earth lost in wonder. - Author: Sarah Perry
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#9. Writing music is my one and only passion and joy. - Author: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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#10. She just stood there and looked at the empty highway, and you could almost tell how bored she was by the way she stood. - Author: Clifton Adams
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