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#1. A few drinks and the world was hers -
she wore her whiskey like a loaded gun. - Author: Atticus Poetry
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#2. You bent my words again," says Goto Dengo. "You spoke crooked words and I straightened them, - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#3. I've spoken in front of members of the U.S. Congress about a new dream of living in communities where everybody is welcome and everyone can live and go to school and work without facing the fear of bullies. - Author: Lauren Potter
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#4. Just as the thought of fire does not warm the body, so faith without love does not actualize the light of spiritual knowledge in the soul. - Author: Maximus The Confessor
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#5. When I was young, men like my father would often come home and put on their smoking jacket over their perfectly ordinary trousers, as a way of relaxing in the evening. - Author: Julian Fellowes
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#6. If you ask most atheists if the theory of evolution has anything to do with a belief, however, they will tell you that it doesn't. It's not something that has to be believed. It is a 'fact.' - Author: Ray Comfort
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#7. Penn State is a leader in food science. - Author: Don Sherwood
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#8. You've got to create a dream. You've got to uphold the dream. If you can't, go back to the factory or go back to the desk. - Author: Eric Burdon
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#9. Think about doing a bunch of stunts in leather. What does leather do? It doesn't stretch, it rips. - Author: Chloe Grace Moretz
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#10. What are you doing?" Dengo would ask him. "Observing," father would say. "But how long can you observe the same thing?" "Forever. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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