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Top 7 Demonetising Quotes

#1. Nothing is less like life than our idea of it. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#2. It's a great way of getting my word out. I love Twitter and tweeting, and I have - between that and Facebook, I have like 10 million followers. It's a great way. Now if you do something bad to me, I can tweet about Chris. And the world will be seeing it. - Author: Donald Trump
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#3. Mom actually said that?" Cassie's face shown with happiness. "She always hated my math!"
"Nah," Martin said. "She was just being that way for you. She thought it was what you needed to hear. If parents told us what they really think about stuff, we could figure them out like regular people. - Author: Clare B. Dunkle
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#4. Some days, I want to be prim and proper, and others, I want to be in a band. - Author: Melissa McCarthy
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#5. I went to America in the winter of 1872-73, authorised to secure, if I could, the passage of a bill demonetising silver. It was in the interest of those I represented - the governors of the Bank of England - to have it done. By 1873, gold coins were the only form of coin money. - Author: Ernest Seyd
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#6. Let some holy ambition invade our souls, so that, dissatisfied with mediocrity, we shall eagerly desire the highest things and shall toil with all our strength to obtain them, since we may if we wish. - Author: Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola
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#7. Name the nine prime fallacies," he snapped. "Simplification. Generalization. Circularity. Reduction. Analogy. False causality. Semantism. Irrelevancy ... . - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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