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#1. But fundamentally, I don't think of it as an alien-invasion movie; everybody's here, kind of, right? So, I think it's probably more of an action-adventure picture, if I actually had to qualify it. - Author: Lorenzo Di Bonaventura
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#2. Davis leaned over his former mother-in-law, put - Author: James Patterson
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#3. Friday night, I resolved to have a quiet time. Two pints and a chips carry-home. Alas, the pints got away from me and I hit the top shelf. - Author: Ken Bruen
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#4. I am an optimist. I believe the future is bright. I think people who see life painted in dark colors are the ones who do not take ownership. - Author: Maelle Gavet
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#5. Most of us understand what healthy food is - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that vegetables are good for you and that sugar is bad. So you need to use the things you do know and follow them. - Author: Jessie Pavelka
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#6. But I still think that to the unprejudiced, the fossil record of plants is in favor of special creation. - Author: E.J.H. Corner
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#7. I think that an industrial process is not like a rubber stamp. Everything has to be put together and, as such, should have its own expression. - Author: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
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#8. Chains of steel will rust with time. Chains of the heart will only grow stronger, - Author: Gina Whitney
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#9. Men make this great pretense of not wanting to be caught, but in the end they usually beg for a lady's hand. - Author: Elizabeth Boyle
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#10. Like most of the connections that explain the pain in our hearts, he couldn't bring it to mind. He couldn't see the truth because it was too big and it was right in front of him. - Author: Keith Ablow
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#11. While they're in WWE, we absolutely have a health and wellness policy. I'll probably always say 'we,' even though I've resigned as the CEO. It's kind of hard to break a 30-year habit. - Author: Linda McMahon
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#12. The primary component upon which all else rests in a kingdom is the authority of the ruler. Without that, there is anarchy resulting in mess. - Author: Tony Evans
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#13. how do you identify wasteful transaction costs or coordination activities? I believe that you ask yourself, "If this activity is truly value-adding, would we do more of it?" When - Author: David J. Anderson
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#14. Providence has decreed that those common acquisitions, money, gems, plate, noble mansions, and dominion, should be sometimes bestowed on the indolent and unworthy; but those things which constitute our true riches, and which are properly our own, must be procured by our own labor. - Author: Desiderius Erasmus
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