Top 9 Deletions Quotes

#1. Even the outright deletions that Ayn Rand's editor should have taken care of).

Anna Quindlen

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#2. Memory sometimes makes merciful deletions.

H.P. Lovecraft

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#3. One should never begrudge deletions.

Theodor W. Adorno

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#4. In many cases it is a matter for decision and not a simple matter of fact whether x understands y; and so on.

John Searle

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#5. Nobody really wants to hear about anybody else's injuries. Or how your back feels. Whose back doesn't hurt?

Peyton Manning

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#6. I'm a big believer in what's called personalized medicine, which refers to customizing your health care to your specific needs based on your physiology, genetics, value system and unique conditions.

David Agus

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#7. The very qualities that make one a writer in the first place contribute to the block: hypersensitivity, stubbornness, insatiability, and so on. Given the general oddity of writers, no wonder there are no sure cures.

John Gardner

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#8. The highest historical probability can be adduced in support of the proposition that, if it were possible to annihilate the Bible, and with it all its influences, we should destroy with it the whole spiritual system of the moral world.

Edward Everett

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#9. I invite you to consider anew what you know and what you have; what you are here for and where you are going; and how you are going to do what you have come here to do. p 13

Sheri Dew

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